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  1. *Jazzily*

    It means no worries

    Fo the rest of yo dayyyssss

    It's our problem-freeeee


    Hakuna Matataaaaaaaaaaaa

    Hello, beautiful individual. Oh my chasms, did you do something new with your hair??? It looks amazing 🤩 Tu eres muy guapo o bonita. Te amo mucho.

    If y'all can't tell already, rehearsal was absolutely amazing today. The energy was not only insane and upbeat, but it was also supportive and all of the things that made me fall in love with show choir. Best rehearsal we've had in a LONG time. We went over scores from last weekend's comp, and turns out we won the prep division by... like...

    ...a large amount. We would have made finals if we'd been eligible, which is kind of crazy and I'm having a hard time believing it lol. Also, I was able to dance today and I'm feeling really good about our comp for Saturday! 

    Quick story that absolutely made my day: There's this incredible girl at my school who's in a bunch of musicals and our varsity show choir, and she's like super smart, and her voice and dancing are both insane and I just aspire to be like her. She's so pretty and talented and I see her in the halls like all the time. She (and most of the rest of our varsity group) were watching us run through our last two songs (ballad and closer), and she came up to me afterwards while I'm wheezing and sweating buckets and she smiles and takes my arms and goes "Oh my gosh you're incredible and beautiful. I just wanted to tell you that" And I'm like trying not to cry and I'm like "oh my gosh thank you so much 😭🥰🤩❤️" and she's like "And I love your earrings!" (they're like flutter dangles or smth with butterflies on them in gold and I think they're from altar'd state) and I just was like ready to cry. It feels so good to be seen, especially by the people who are basically celebrities in my world. I was smiling for like ten minutes after. 

    I also got like ten compliments on my hair, which I ended up braiding (thanks for the input, @shortcake) in two messy, pancaked dutch braids into pigtails and then pulled out some pieces just for aesthetic. 

    Anyways, I'm basically rambling at this point, so I'll stop now lol.

    But first, here's a challenge for tomorrow. I've been doing most of these things and a little more for the past weekish and I've noticed a dramatic shift in my mood, wakefulness/weariness, overall attitude, and physical and mental health. I was inspired by a pin I got in a Pinterest email lol. But anyway, these are some things that help make my days better in SO many ways.


    1. Set your alarm (and go to bed) earlier to give you the time you need to get ready the way you WANT. It will decrease your stress levels SUBSTANTIALLY, and you'll have a lower risk of being late to school. 

    2. When you wake up, STRETCH! You'll feel more awake, and you'll be less likely to pull a muscle. 

    3. DRINK WATER! DRINK WATER! DRINK WATER! I literally can't say how important this is. It helps to clear your skin and keep it clear, helps your body and brain function the way they're supposed to, and helps to clear headaches and improve moods.

    4. Make your bed! Just do it. It shouldn't take long, and if it does, you either have a bunk bed or a few too many pillows or blankets. Maybe try downsizing! It will feel so much better to come home to a made bed than a messy one. Promise.

    5. It helps to pick/lay out your outfit for the next day the night before. It saves so much time. Make sure it's something you'll feel good and confident in! 

    6. Drink MORE water. 

    7. Touch the task once. When you get homework, do it as soon as you get or start it (with few exceptions). When you change at night, put your clothes in the hamper or fold/hang them back up if you can wear them again. If you're asked to do a chore, just do it. Such a timesaver and an awesome way to lessen stress.

    8. Brush your teeth, and use deodorant and perfume/cologne! Smelling good can help you feel more confident! (Tip: stick to one scent/scent combo, then whenever people smell it they'll think of you!)

    9. Eat something in the mornings. It helps your brain wake up, and it doesn't have to be a whole burrito or anything, just something small you can start your day off right with. I personally just throw a Jimmy Dean's crossaintwich into the microwave and eat it in the car most days. Even if it's just a granola bar or some dry cereal, it'll get your brain going and then you won't be as hungry at lunch.

    10. Smile! You're valued and loved, and you'd better know it. You're beautiful and smart, and though you have your down days, you're a good person. Okay? LOVE Y'ALL! 

    Those are just a few things out of the many that I found really important. I might post some more later just for fun, but now I gotta go pack for tomorrow/Saturday's comps. SEE YOU GUYS LATER!

    hakuna matataaaaaaaa

    what a wonderfullll phrasseeeee....

    1. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood


      3. DRINK WATER! DRINK WATER! DRINK WATER! I literally can't say how important this is. It helps to clear your skin and keep it clear, helps your body and brain function the way they're supposed to, and helps to clear headaches and improve moods.

      THIS YES!!!

      someone else gets it!

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