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  1. I’ve got show choir rehearsal in like 30 mins, and I’m like actually kinda excited. Today’s been a really good day! Maybe that’s cuz I’ve been taking better care of myself these past couple of weeks. I’ve noticed a DRAMATIC shift in my life and my overall attitude, which I’m drafting a different SU about (reaching potential and stuff like that so keep your eyes peeled). My mom pulled me out of school early to go to my third and final chiropractic appointment for my injury (though ofc I’ll continue to go for my monthly adjustments lol. Scoliosis, yay! 😂), and I think I’ll be able to perform at our comp on Saturday, which is out of town! We also went and got coffee from the MOST adorable coffee shop ever. It’s made from like cargo/shipping containers but painted all cool and pretty. The coffee was delicious. I got an iced marshmallow and carmel macchiato. Picture below:



    Why is the sound of the ice against the cup like super satisfying? 
    Anyways, then we went to a consignment store and bought some clothes because why not?

    Anyways, I’m probably gonna wear shorts to rehearsal because it gets so hot in there for one, for two it’s like 60° here so it’s warm enough (Midwest winters people), and also I finally (this may be TMI but it also might be relatable for other girlies, so men you can skip over if you so desire)


    actually took care of my legs. My razor goes into hibernation during the winter (until show choir season ofc) lol because why would you shave if you’re just gonna wear pants?

    Anyways yeah so I handled that and I’m probably gonna wear shorts and NOT overheat!!!

    ALSO IM SO PROUD OF MYSELF BECAUSE I ACTUALLY GOT SOME WRITING DONE TODAY. 1300 words done today people! So my book so far (look for the 3 years I’ve been working on it I’ve mostly been plotting and brainstorming lol) has like 3800ish words! Big leap for me haha. 

    I hope y’all are having as good of a day as I am. Probably the only thing that would make it better is an email from Haly. Anyways, love y’all!! Imma go get ready for rehearsal! Speaking of: braids, ponytail, claw clip updo, or bun?

    1. The cheeseman

      The cheeseman

      THE BEANERY IS SO GOOD. It's one of two places I've gotten a good coffee

    2. Edema Rue

      Edema Rue

      Oo I’m glad it’s been such a good day!! I’m…hehe I’m so wiped out because y’know girl stuff and also I did choreo and singing for about an hour and a half straight but I’m ALIVE!! And I’m also pretty good, I got a “join choir or die” letter from our choir teacher, and ignored it except to pretend it was a hogwarts acceptance letter with my other friend who got one :D

      OH and I get to go see Pride and Prejudice tonight soooo yes I’m great

    3. shortcake


      your day sounds like it's been so exciting lol

      also, I say no claw clip, since if you fell, that could actually fracture your skull. there was a girl who got in a car crash with one in her hair and it messed up her skull pretty bad

      ANYWAYS, I say braids!

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