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    remembering things
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    being silly
    fancy/big words
    Lovejoy (band)
    m u s i c (if I'm not wearing earbuds/listening to music, it's probably because I was forced /hj)

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  1. theres these two guys that I have in my 1st and 7th period classes and they've been really disrespectful lately but it's never been directed at me

    but today one of them commented on my weight, saying that I need to eat more

    and he also was questioning why I was wearing a knee brace, and why my friend was wearing a "fake" boot for her leg

    the bone in her leg was shattered because she plays soccer and someone rammed the bottom of their cleat into her leg

    and I told him "why are you so invested in our medical lives? you don't need to know everyone's story"

    but then he also said "you have really thick thighs, considering that you're highly anorexic"

    and i was like "you shouldn't be looking at them anyway. you sit in the first row of the class, me and (my friend) sit in the way back. we're supposed to be watching a documentary, so you shouldn't be looking back here in the first place. maybe if you actually payed attention for once and actually worked on the worksheet that goes along with it, you wouldn't be struggling to focus on something other than my thighs. we wouldn't be having this conversation right now if you were actually responsible. did your mother not give you enough love as child or something? is that why you feel the need to verbally attack people who did literally nothing to you? no instigating, whatsoever?"

    and then i just walked out of the classroom and brought my friend with me because i didnt want to deal with it anymore, but on the way out, I passed the two of them and I told them that they should have been the poster children for keeping abortion legal




    anyway how're y'all?

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    2. SmilingPanda19


      *cough* Jesus help them *cough* 


    3. shortcake


      THANKYEW PANDA!!!! ❤️❤️ (spelled intentionally)

    4. shortcake


      so I read this to @Dead *cough because he like, never checks the shard cough cough* and he said that people should look out for their ego because if they piss me off their ego is gonna be destroyed

      and for some reason, i'm really proud of that


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