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    And when thou lookest for a friend
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    Thou findest none, for I have fled
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    As thou hast taken stripes for me
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    I cannot watch them take my Lord...

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    And we said: nay, we are but men!
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    The Green Dragon in Bywater, the Shire.
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    Reading books, theorizing about books, slamming books into people, going insane, trying not to die, Brawlhalla, Dune, not getting moderated, writing, minecraft, building empires, starting another war, listening to music, etc.

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  1. Sitting on my roof right out my window with music playing while I'm doing school on my laptop is the best vibe. 

    I'm pretty sure I won't fall through the roof.

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    2. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Oooh another sword! What kind of sword is it?

      I really want to get a training rapier sometime.

    3. Edema Rue

      Edema Rue

      Imma get me a sword from the Shakespeare festival next year :)

      or an axe. Axes are the coolest (especially when they’re actually sharp)

    4. The cheeseman

      The cheeseman

      I'm gonna get a sword, and then my gf and I are going to go (in costume, ofc) to a Ren Faire later this year

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