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  1. Do you have a prompt, or is it a free-write whatever? There are some threads in the Creator's Corner with good prompts if you need one.
  2. I'm on spring break right now, so I get to be free...until the biggest assignment of the year in English starts on Monday...
  3. Cleaning out my bookshelf right now. Does anyone else know that experience where it feels like you have so many books and you can't get rid of any, but then you sort them and barely end up having any books you genuinely love? (Except for the Sanderson ones -  those take up two shelves.) 

    I just want to live in a cozy little attic room with a sunny balcony like Dorian's in Hooky, with endless books that I haven't read but know I will love. Oh well. Back to sorting...

  4. my cat is so cute

    but she's sitting on me and I can't get up

  5. 696: if you have the opportunity to learn healing magic or any form of healing wounds, you have to learn it. If you choose not to learn the skill, one of your friends will die in front of you and you will have to think sadly about how you could have saved them. 696 a: If you do choose to learn, make sure to practice. If you don't, one of your friends will die in front of you and you will have to think sadly about how you could have saved them. 696 b: If you do work hard and practice, your friend might still die in front of you, and you will have to think sadly about how you couldn't save them because plot. 697: If you are at a party and somebody is wounded in the epic party battle scene, know that you cannot use wine as a disinfectant. It will not be effective because there is not a high enough alcohol percentage. (Saw this in a book the other day and had to look it up).
  6. How do people choose a username? I'd like to be more active on the Shard, and I'd also like to distance myself from who I was before. So, I've been trying to think of a new username. (I'm still an Ookla, as you can see.) The thing is, decisions like this are a bit terrifying for me. I've been thinking about this for weeks. I really want to get it right. 

    So, to anyone out there who stumbles across this: how did you choose your username? Any tips? 

    1. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Honestly, just do whatever the heck you think you like.

      I picked mine because, when I chose it, my favorite character was, *cough*, Thaidakar. (If you know, you know.) It's kinda stuck since then, even though I dislike the character more and more. it just suits me. 

      Maybe choose something that represents something from your personality. Like, a favorite thing or an emotion you like to have. For example... if I wasn't "Thaidakar the Ghostblood" I might be "That Insane Sock" or something akin to that.

    2. Procrastination
    3. ΨιτιsτηεΒέsτ
  7. Since Wind and Truth doesn't follow the ketek pattern anymore, I'm almost hoping for Brandon to just break it completely. If I'm being honest, I just want Stones Unhallowed to be used.
  8. Back to December by Taylor Swift but it's Back to Keep Venture by Elend Venture

    if anyone wants to run with this then feel free I just had to get it out of my head

  9. I'm currently just sitting in the Saint Louis airport. For a few hours. (My family got here really early.) If anybody has some mindless games to play with myself, it would be much appreciated. 

    The only thing that makes this more tolerable is that I have doughnut holes. They're very good.

  10. 610. If a character says something along the lines of "you have to be careful of what you say - somebody's always listening", then they are a traitor and spy who will dramatically repeat those same words with a mocking tone and a "Sorry, ___, but I told you ______". (in the dramatically dramatic betrayal scene, of course)
  11. My unpopular opinion: I really liked Starsight. When it came out I was kind of meh about it, but then I reread it before Cytonic and loved it. It was nice to have a less intense book that I could reread, and I liked the characters more than I remembered.
  12. Apparently I am the fourth person to imagine conversations in my head. I did not realize that this and having an inner monologue did not happen to everybody. This revelation is concerning to me.
  13. Hi. So. I probably won't be as online as much anymore, because my school just changed their content filter and the shard is blocked. :( I'll still be online, but the device I was using before was a school iPad, so I have to switch devices. My new device is slower and loses battery at weird rates, so unless the school accepts my request and unblocks the site, I'll be online less often.

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