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  1. Honestly, I don't think I understand the rules, and I wrote them.
  2. Vote Tally Stick. (1): Kasimir Wierdo (1): Stick. CadCom (1): Araris Valerian Courtesy of Tallybot. CadCom isn't in the system btw.
  3. That wording means you can Soothe it and make it not count instead of move it if you wish. It also means you can make someone who didn’t vote essentially vote for somebody. No. There is also the Amyrlin Seat role.
  4. Unfortunately no, but if you get your actions in you can next turn.
  5. Day One: Let the Dice (and the Heads) Roll ~ The hall was oddly empty. Normally novices and Accepted would be bustling about, but the hall only held a warder set on an errand, and a gleeman. “Hey, hey, Dargven, I want your thoughts on a joke I've been working on.” The gleeman ran up, his patched cloak swirling around him. “I don't have time for your nonsense, gleeman.” The warder didn't even turn to look. He was too busy for an acquaintance that he found rather annoying. “Just wait one minute.” “Fine. What is it?” He stopped and turned, scowling. The gleeman stopped, slightly out of breath from catching up to the gleeman. “It goes like this, a Myrddraal, a Forsaken, and a Dragon walk into the White Tower.” The warder scrunched his brow. “What's the jo—” His words turned to a gurgle with the plunge of the man's dagger. “The joke is you.” He wiped the bloody dagger on the warder’s cloak. “Just be glad you don't have to see this tower fall into the hands of the Great Lord you hate so much.” When the body was discovered, the culprit was long gone. The message, however, was clear as day, and received like a dagger to the gut. ~ Dovie'andi se tovya sagain! ~ Welcome to LG100 - Death is Lighter Than a Feather. As my father often says, always late but worth the wait. Some things to note: PMs are essentially closed. You may only use any Warder PMs you may have been sent, though you can send in your actions to be able to PM next turn. There is a two vote minimum, the top player must have two votes to die Ties of the vote will be resolved by a coinflip, make your sacrifices or, if you're not on good terms with the gods, I do take bribes This cycle will end at 7:30 AM Mountain Time on Tuesday the 28th of May Try not to die intravenously, and have fun! Rules doc for your convenience: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RUs0JIvdKusLrELi6kEZs9LZUdpeXh-_GB8oW2c5ejA/edit?usp=drivesdk Player List: If I missed anything, let me know via PM. Everyone should have their role PMs and such by now.
  6. It's one cycle /shrug. I think you'll be fine. (Note, I thought I sent this earlier, I'm going to distro assuming you stay, I'd rather have you at low effort in the beginning than not have you at all, and I think most villagers would agree). I'm not going to officially close sign-ups until I have the distro to a point where I'm actually sending PMs out, but if someone signs up and makes me use a 10 person distro I'll happily glare at them.
  7. @Aeoryi @Aeternum @RoyalBeeMage @Stick. @Mat @CadCom @Kasimir @Wierdo @Araris Valerian I think I'll just make do with 9 players if Exp doesn't get back. Also, rollovers will officially be at 7:30, as will game start.
  8. I currently have it at 9:30 AM Mountain Time. I can fudge it a little if necessary (in fact, I may have to) but it shouldn't go lower than 7:30.
  9. Two days until I would like this to start, @DrakeMarshall and @Faerie Braids are the only ones yet to respond. Just one more person to get up to 10.
  10. This Sunday, assuming we can get a tenth person or figure out Wit. Yeah, it should be starting on the 26th (not checking for sure, give or take a day). But this game does have 48 hour cycles, so if you can get roughly 4-5 posts every 4 days, you could probably maintain enough activity. Alternatively, something could be worked out with @Ashbringer, who is currently signed up as a Pinch-Hitter. Ultimately, it's up to you, we probably don't need you to join to get this started, so if you're not confident and can't work something out with Ash, you can feel free to just spectate.
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