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  1. The 200 number I believe comes from this quote "Hmmm… Aux said. I’d guess around two hundred BEUs in this one. Far less than what powers a full ship." But the quote makes clear that a fresh or whole sunheart contains more than 200 BEUs.
  2. The story says that a sunheart can power a ship for months, but that the cinderking has prevented them from picking up sunhearts at dawn, so their supplies have been dwindling
  3. Not brought up here also is that this reading I think would have not have had the normal amounts of continuity edits that the books get, which could change very specific details
  4. I imagined it either worked the same way shard plate did where it's still flexible and has distinct parts, but is airtight at all "seams". Smaller links between the links and smaller links between those links etc etc Or instead if being a chain like you think where it's {(}{)(}{)} It's more like O-O-O-O where it's a solid piece
  5. He's mentioned that there are four main systems, scadrial, Roshar, sel, and taldain. And I think it was in the context of the four main groups in space age cosmere
  6. It's also possible the device did the allomancy not her, like a special form of allomantic grenade.
  7. I also it's because a ) Hoid is conservative with investiture and b ) he doesn't want to end up somewhere random
  8. This exactly A goldmind like this creating awful vampire-like devices is pretty scary.
  9. I noticed the same thing but interpreted the difference as it was because it was mechanical allomancy. It is semi -alive, and because of that either it's an issue of intent where that is what it is designed to do, and/or Sigzil doesn't get the benefits of feruchemy that help you withstand the effects with this type of device because the feruchemy isn't coming from him.
  10. They tapped into the deep well of power always available to Threnodites: Misery and Puritan Angst
  11. I just mean that Vivenna's blade is very dangerous and one could assume that having awakening that even reliably makes weapons as dangerous as a shard blade is scary and could maybe justify Vasher's actions even if Nightblood specifically is unique
  12. Vivenna's weapon is still an extremely dangerous murder machine on the level of a dead shard blade
  13. So it only takes the scribes in Tashik to start selling luxury spanreads made of premium strong materials and now it's a guild of assassins
  14. I agree that there's a reason why most books don't have the 5 first chapters being difficult time periods, locations, and people, and I'm glad it's not common. But I do think it was necessary for the story Brandon wants to tell. I suspect that his team probably had this same argument with him
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