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    Space Cadet
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    Where do you need me?
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    I like Sando of course, space, making literally anything if I can use my hands (knitting, crocheting, embroidery, woodworking, anything else ever), Space, hiking, NURSING, any animal ever, talking with sharders cause you are all awesome, have I mentioned space yet? MUSIC!!! I must be interested in typos cause I make a lot of them.

    Things I’m not interested in: SHARDERS BEING DOWN ON THEMSELVES- you are all so amazing so LOVE YOURSELF CAUSE YOU DESERVE IT!!!

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  1. I love your signature. By the way, is your "Space Cadet" rank perhaps a reference to Stephen McCranie's Space Boy?

    1. Hen


      Thanks!! It’s not but give me two minutes to find out what that is and it might be

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