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  1. Marie smiled, Vivi was definitely not a child That or she's very good at faking. Peres noted Her smile faded when Vivi mentioned not going to school anymore "Did something happen?" she asked "I'm a first a first Oath Willshaper, I can teleport, peer into the cognitive realm and go there, I can also shape most matter as if it was clay." she half-drew her sword "And that blade isn't for show." She posed a second a second before continuing "Do you currently hear anything from me?" She'd heard some investiture detector had trouble detecting people using Transportation to just peer into the cognitve and wondered if it was the case of Peres. The senses of a windwhisperer are slightly better than these of a secretspren you know.
  2. "Hello Vivi, I'm Marie. Excuse me, but are you a kid or do you just look like one?" She asked Very smooth Polaris noted Vivi picked up one of the cakes and put it in her backpack, presumably to feed a pet. Except the bag didn't contain a living mind. "Did you bring a pet?" A door slammed somewhere in the manor, startling the thief "That's just a door, what are you getting all jumpy for?"
  3. Marie entered the building, peering in the cognitive as she looked at the people already here. One man had a mind that shined a bit brighter than the rest and slightly distorted the colour around him in the physical Probably breaths. Polaris said I know. she answered Looked at the other, they hadn't anything obvious going on except... The soul of a girl one who looked like a thief felt wrong, as if some part had been precision-machined, she had never seen anything like this More importantly, is this a storming kid over there? It's the alleyverse so I'd give it 50/50 odds She walked to the table and said "Am I late?"
  4. Folorian, The Scholar's Guild "Yes, there are indeed words to be said. Oaths to be exact, each order have theirs." Folorian said " The first is always 'Life before Death, power before weakness, journey before destination.', though I suspect you alread said it. I cannot really help you with the next ones though, first because I do not know what Releasers say and second because knowing them isn't enough, you have to be ready to live them and they'll naturally come yo you when you're ready for that. Though I do know they're about responsibility and self-mastery. As far as power go, Releasers where mostly know for their fits of destructions, both their magnitude and their precision, but you should also be able to manipulate friction: deciding what stick to what and what slips as well as how much air slows you." He thought for a few seconds "Wait a minute I'll be right back." He came back with a map of the Alleycity and circle a few buildings in diverse places of the city. "As you might know, some people in the DA made a world-altering Forgery that went out a few days ago, there are places where things didn't go back the right way, transforming the buildings into messes that looks like they were designed by Maurits Escher, it would help the rebuilding process if they were not there. I circled a few that you should be able to destroy without any risk for the rest of the city." @Voidus@Sorana Dann, The Scholar's Guild "The procedure is rather simple, mostly you have to sign this" He gave her a paper on which was written "I, the undersigned, hereby pledge myself to the Guild of Scholars, and promise to strive to gather and spread knowledge throughout the Alleyverse and corresponding worlds. Signed, _______________" "We would also like to know what skill you have -both natural and magica. It's fine if you have none yet, we're here to learn after all" @Ookla the Nerdy
  5. I don't see what in your post is supposed to convice me that Adolin is Odium's champion Also, you accidently posted this twice
  6. Marie will be there, she's very genre blind.
  7. Folorian, the Scholar Guild "If you had promised to do some good in the city, to try to fix things. Where would you start? With something small like a ruin, or a bandit or a monster, or ignore all of that and focus on the big picture?" Temeria asked Release an infohazard about the fundamental about the lie that was reality to the whole city apparently. "I would focus on what I can do" he said "If I had an idea on how to solve the systemic issue, I would try it. If I knew how to heal some of the symptom, I would do that. I... I can give knowledge and attempt to give guidance to those who need it, so I do that." He paused for a second thoughtful, "How good are you at destruction? If there were two houses made of wood next too each other, would you be able to burn one without damaging the other? Are you able to manifest Ember as a Shardblade yet?" @Sorana ~~~~ Dann the Scholar Guild A tall man carrying a few papers walked to Sei Lu "Excuse me, are you the young woman looking to join our guild?" @NerdyAarakocra
  8. Didn't Shallan ask Pattern to go help Adolin?
  9. Folorian, the Scholar Guild Temeria. This felt like a name Folorian ought to know. Someone he'd met in the fake years of the Forgery perhaps? He stopped himself from answering 'everything' to her question about what was broken in the city. Before he could give her an actual answer he noticed she had changed her posture as to face someone else, he shifted he focus so he could see who that was just in time to hear a woman named Sei asking to join the Guild. Temeria reacted by showing impatience at her arrival, implying she was most likely not very advanced in her oaths. To be fair the very one-the-nose name her spren had should have been a clue Kerr, can you find someone to take care of this lady's admission? The spren immediately darted to a nearby room Folorian turned toward Sei "Ok, er... I have sent for someone who will take care about you" partially because I don't remember where are the paper in this reality "they'll be there in a few minutes" He turned back to Temeria and left Sei fully out of his focus "Ok, so, your question is more complicated than you seem to think and I'll have to ask you a few questions before I can answer yours. First, what kind of broken are you searching for? Is it physically broken, like a ruin that hasn't been properly removed? Is it systemicly broken, like poverty or corruption? Is it something else, like a group of bandit or a monster's nest?" he barely marked a pause "Actually, this is going to take some time, we should sit" he said, pointing in the approximate direction of where he knew chairs were @Sorana@NerdyAarakocra@Rushu42@18th Shard
  10. It's a subject Brandon has made up his mind on, the latest WoB say you can only burn spikes made with your own soul
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