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  1. When is brandon going to realize that he can just crowdfund a movie. 

    like he made 41 million dollars from the year of sanderson kickstarter alone, and another 23 million from the WoR leatherbound. 64 million dollars for relatively small products.

    The LOTR trilogy cost 514 million dollars, adjusted for inflation. That’s not that much more.

    Okay sure it’s about 10x as much, but the fandom would be WAY more excited about getting a movie than about the Year of Sanderson. Probably around 10x as excited, by my estimation.

    And then Brandon would have COMPLETE creative control. It’s the perfect solution. 

    1. Experience


      Idk how rights work, but companies already own the film rights for his different books so idk can he just take the rights back or is there probably a contracted time?

      Otherwise i think it's an awesome idea.

    2. danex


      I assume he can offer to buy the rights back pretty easily, especially if the company isn’t doing anything with them. And he hasn’t sold the movie rights for everything iirc, just for adaptations of a few specific novels, like MB.


      edit: wait cool there’s a list on the coppermind: https://coppermind.net/wiki/Media_rights

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