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  1. I actually really like the bit about Adolin restoring Maya ala voidbinding but needing Sja-Anat's help. One of the corrupted Spren even goes so far as to thank Sja-Anat for the Eyes she gave them IIRC. Edited to add the quote: Page 287 Hardcover. A corrupted Spren is thanking Sja-Anat: "Thank you, Mother", he said. "Thank you for my eyes". There is definitely a link there.
  2. I just find it unlikely that without Sja-anat's touch they won't be able to create the enlightened spren in large enough quantities. But I guess its a possibility considering the weirdness of their specific bonds.
  3. So now that we have confirmation that shardplate is made of lesser spren this opens up the question as to how its going to be handled for Knights bonded to a Sja-anat spren. Are they going to just use normal spren? Will they require more corrupted spren to be made for their plate to be formed? Is it individual to the Radiant as to which of the above? Based on what we see with Kaladin it does seem to take _alot_ of spren to form the plate. Thoughts?
  4. Ralkalest (Aluminum) is different from Raysium, so you dont have to worry about that.
  5. Were there not ruby veins connecting the "heart" of urithiru to the rest of it? I always assumed those were acting like pipes to transfer the storm light. In that case I guess it's less like piping but more like filling one giant gemstone. Aluminum pipes may work and it is a very neat idea! Do we have a WoB about what would happen if investiture was stored in a sealed aluminum container?
  6. Love this and makes sense with him being a bond Smith. I know theories of him holding both Honour and Odium have existed but has there been any speculation that he ends up with cultivation as well? Its total tinfoil hat territory but I can see the balance that Honor would bring Odium being Cultivated into something positive being possible.
  7. Questioner What is the most Invested item so far revealed? Brandon Sanderson What counts as an item? Questioner Inanimate object. Sentient swords, stuff like that. Brandon Sanderson Okay, inanimate objects, would be Nightblood. Well-- is he inanimate? Questioner Well, he's a sentient sword, but he's an inanimate object. Brandon Sanderson So, yeah, he would count. So after rereading the WoB I think I answered my own question. I'm assuming a shard would not be considered inanimate.
  8. Is a Shard considered Invested? And if so does this mean that Nightblood is _still_ the most invested thing in the cosmere?
  9. I don't think a spike has to go through the heart to take a henalurgic charge, and in fact I think we have a few WoBs on the subject. I am on my phone and can't find them atm but I am pretty sure Brandon has said the heart isn't necessary, that hemalurgy doesn't need to kill the donor and that if you survived being the donor you would be like a stab but worse. We won't know many specifics until it's covered (hopefully) in future novels
  10. First off I would like to point out, that no one has mentioned that it wasn't taln's choice to go back. He died. He may very well have suggested the others give it up, he may have done the same thing had he not died. Just because he endured for so long doesn't mean he would have if he had the choice. Also I like what @Figberts and @Radiant_Jaeger are getting at. Perhaps the oathpact can't be broken. They have been undergoing torture this entire time to the point of them going insane, and in many cases against what they stand for. The realization in a moment of lucidity would be pretty torturous on top of it all. Seems kind of like a self fullfiling prophecy almost (might not be the right term)
  11. It has been a while since I played DnD 5e and I wasn't able to read through your whole right up but from what I saw it looks good. Well done OP. As much as I love crafty games/mistborn pen and paper I feel they would have been more successful going down the OGL route and using something like 3.5/pathfinder. I feel the rules would have allowed cooler combat and it would be easier to turn it into a corner pen and paper in the long run. If you want to take a stab at homebrewing a cosmere 5e I think you would be met with great success! I may even be able to help!
  12. Could it not be alloyed with other God metals, such as tanavastium to obtain an effect similar to alloying it with viable allomantic metals?
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