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  1. Could be a difference in the degree of torture...could be he was the most recent to break.
  2. In Dalinars vision fighting the midnight essences, one of the radiants questions who released the midnight mother. This implies that she was imprisoned and freed at least once prior to the Eighth Epoch. She could have been imprisoned multiple times, but today's chapter I read to imply a solo imprisonment.
  3. If you want ill pm it to you for discussion early once I firm it up more.
  4. There may not have been an Unmade for the first Desolation. Odium may have come in the exact way he did on Sel. The point about knowing they had to leave is good to. That would up the minimum to 11....I saw the new fool, but can't update either of those theories until Oathbringer is spoiler unlocked. I will be combining several theories into one huge one then. Also go look at the voidbringer glyph analysis thread. It talks about partial inversions of the symbols and such.
  5. Well here are some thoughts. Vedel is associated with diamond, Lucentia, the eyes, glass or clear crystals. Her attributes are Loving and healing. The eyes are the key to the soul. Love is the key to the heart. Healing is the key to life. Diamond is traditional in marriage. Demonstrating a bond between man and wife. It is also a lock in the sence that married women should be off limits.
  6. @Steeldancer check out the Heralds become Fools and Oathpact links in my signature. Both have some ideas you might want to consider.
  7. That is one of my pet theories....it can be found in the Heralds become fool's thread in the signature.
  8. @Calderis thanks...I hope the new Wobbinator likes kindle format more than Reddit and excel do...
  9. Ok I numbered and bolded rather than cutting portions of quotes so that the context is still there. 1) I read this differently, to me it seemed the at the blessing was because no stone was broken to get the metal. No mining, no more collection, no smelting etc. IE no stone was harmed. The miracle was in the lack of harm to stone rather than the metal itself. 2) We have a WOB stating that it was only Szeths personal honor binding him to the Oathstone. I will find it and edit it in shortly. 3) MBSH showed us what happens at Death on Scadrial; are you saying that it works differently on each planet in the Cosmere? 4) very interesting observation, I had forgotten his obsession with stones. Edit: I can only find the 2 RAFO ones on heartland right now. It must be in the Reddit ones, and that is acting up on me right now.
  10. I am leaning more and more towards Dalinar. The Shadesmar bit doesn't trouble me too much, mostly bc we haven't seen how the nightwatcher works. We know the majority of the ones we have seen have to mostly deal with cognitive effects. The process of bestowing the curse and boon might have an effect of viewing into Shadesmar while is is being enacted, much as spoilers from a reading not yet released. This would satisfy the Shadesmar viewing statement.
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