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  1. Hi guys, not been on the Shard in a while but recently read TLM- and one thing I don't know if I understood was the whole Marasi and the kidnapped allomancers burning away Autonomy's perpendicularity. It's not really discussed much as there's a lot to move onto, but surely going through that much investiture (enough to use up an entire perpendicularity) would easily make every single one of those people a Savant. Has this been confirmed somewhere? Also considering they were using the investiture of autonomy to fuel their allomancy, would this have any weird effects that normal savantism wouldn't have?
  2. As I understand it, the effect of intent on the personality of the vessel takes a lot longer than that to set in. It'll mean he instantly can't do things that are counter to the intent of the shard, but with a shard like odium that grants him considerable leeway- I suppose it means he can't... Act solely out of compassion? But as long as the action is a way to express the shards inherent contempt for everything, it shouldn't be a problem, even if there is some level of good involved as a byproduct.
  3. I'm not sure this would work as Hemalurgy would probably involve ripping out the part of the spiritweb that codes for the power, and healing involves restoring the physical to what the spiritual says it should be. Without the spiritual code for the power, I don't think healing would be able to get it back.
  4. Been a while since I've been on the shard but here's a thought- if you were told that botw takes place in the cosmere, how would you interpret/expand the lore? Does the situation in Hyrule need two opposing Shards to explain it? One Goddess Shard that fuels sheikah tech, one Dark Shard that Ganon is perhaps a sliver of?
  5. Id hesitate to agree here. It seems to me that cultivations tweaks to people are changes to their spiritweb that require investiture to do, but not to maintain as that's just what their spiritweb is now. It's not like voidlight powered forms, needing a constant supply. If im right then the change to Taravangians spiritweb wouldn't have automatically disappeared, but I'm not sure why he wouldn't now have the capacity to actively undo it himself. For that matter why didn't any of the shards alter the spiritwebs of their own vessels to enhance their ability to wield the shard.
  6. Wait this might seem elementary but can sleepless distribute their own hordelings over multiple planets? Seems like a good self preservation strategy if they can but seems absolutely insane. Also it's interesting how Huio talked about expected populations of the silver kingdoms- up until the 18th century, European intellectuals were certain the total population of the world had been declining since Roman times, and Voltaire even said that he expected earth to be completely empty of human life in 1000 years if the decline isn't halted. It makes a lot of sense that on Roshar as well they also believe that the human population of the globe has been declining since the recreance or since the silver kingdoms fell.
  7. Can we quickly talk about Dalinar becoming a religious figure? I mean it's understandable that people might see him as the Almighty made human considering his bond to the storm father, and he's created a compelling, unspeakably unique text. This might mean that men go back to not writing as Dalinar is seen as so divine the restrictions don't apply to him, which isn't the case for others, or it could mean that more men write- most probably both but in different locations and to different extents. How will mainstream vorinism react to this? Could they be forced to integrate some of this Dalinar cult or would it just increase the antipathy felt towards Kholins by vorins. How does Dalinar himself react? He'll try to ignore it for as long as he can but at some point just ignoring them is support for their existence.
  8. No I don't think it necessarily has to come to a boil in this book- it very well might not happen in the next book either. But the moment people decide a) Jasnahs planning for this to be permanent, b ) Odiums forces aren't an immediate pressing threat, discontent will grow. I don't know what you mean by twiddle their thumbs- they can get rid of Jasnah at some point, she immediately spends part of the ten years worldhopping while the political situation stabilises in Alethkar and then is induced to come back for the back 5.
  9. Maybe she leaves in the gap between the two halves and comes back later, maybe parts of the back half are set off planet, there's a number of ways to get around it. I'm not saying I think it's likely that she will become a worldhopper or that's when she's gonna leave, but it's a possibility.
  10. Military power is in dalinars hands for now, but it's not like his subordinates won't disobey him to restore the proper, religious government if they think he's a real long term threat to it. I also don't see how they'll go down well with the majority of citizens, especially as Alethkar doesn't have citizens it has subjects of the crown. That might seem pedantic but it reflects what political discourse is like at the moment- in general they don't believe in the equality of all mankind, they don't believe that an atheist can be ruler, they don't believe that slaves should be free. Even if a majority don't disagree in theory, which I can't imagine is the case, the rich and powerful who likely own many slaves along with their land would definitely hate this intrusion into their power and wealth, and as they're the ones with power it's their opinion that matters. @Pathfinder what do you mean the Jasnah being an important part of the back five books? Really that bit was just a random musing but the general point of consent are needed still stands.
  11. @agrabes And so the endless debate between reform and revolution continues. What could maybe be interesting is a rebellion that pushes Jasnah off the throne and either banishes her or makes her just give up on trying to fix society and go worldhopping to find a society that agrees with her views.
  12. Yeah I guess we've just got to wait and see. You are right though that radiants are upending the system so the privilege that lighteyes used to have will need to change its justification, but privilege is far more likely to morph and maintain itself than just be obliterated. When in America slaves got their freedom, upending the social order in ways that are perhaps comparable to the lighteyes darkeyes thing, white supremacy in the south didn't just die away, for all that we may wish it had. It morphed to maintain privilege. Odium probably seems like a bad option at the moment you're right, but if long term Jasnah doesn't refuse to pull back these reforms and people find out that the Singers have more or less maintained alethi social structure, it might start looking like a better option.
  13. I mean what else do you think they would do? For now possibly they might think there are bigger fish to fry but long term? Is it really satisfying if the Kholins just face no consequences for their actions? Female rulers have happened sure, but normally in cases where the last king doesn't have an heir. If there is a male heir present, then the obvious solution is a female regent, which theoretically is exactly what should've happened both with Jasnah and Gavinor and Laral and her sons. The Kholin family are in a unique position and perhaps have leeway to temporarily change things to help the war effort, but I think long term everyone will be expecting Gavinor to be crowned as soon as the wars over, whether Jasnahs still around or not. In fact this change will perhaps widely be seen as Jasnah changing the law so that her getting the power to change the law isn't illegal anymore, so that even when the war is over there will be a legal basis for her to still be queen. In fact, earlier when people were wondering why she would receive Laral as citylady officially, it makes sense that she'd do so to normalise and attempt to legitimise this legal innovation that is the basis of her own power. She's probably going to try and get a fairly sizable crowd to watch her officially confirm Laral, implicitly getting their assent for it. The rank system probably does feel embattled though and they're probably looking for explicit support, not just hostile passivity from a monarch. On the one hand radiants are throwing it out of order, and on the other high placed Kholins don't seem to care about maintaining their station. Anything less than active endorsement of the rank system, or in other words if Jasnah does the logical thing and gives darkeyes high positions thus implicitly denying the system, is an attack on the system and they'll try and fight it eventually. As always, yes this is definitely exceptional circumstances and people probably just want to get through it, but they'll also probably be looking for a return to normalcy afterwards. In fact the reactionary backlash could wind up with a more ossified hierarchy than before.
  14. And how many nobles would be considering switching to Odium? At least the Parshmen would let them keep their slaves, maintain their traditions and essentially what rudimentary political constitution they have, in terms of the vague sense of "proper behaviours and laws". What's the point of fighting for a queen who given her track record is set to erase any recognition that you're better than a darkeyes? From their perspective, she's using despotic authority with a fairly weak legal basis to reach down and destroy the very basis of a stable family, the patriarchy and society as a whole. And it's not like collective action wouldn't be possible either, given most nobles are in or around the shattered plains/ urithiru. They could easily form a diet to limit royal authority even if theyre individually too small to secede.
  15. Is it just me that was made really uncomfortable by the whole Jasnah unilaterally changing inheritance laws? I can believe it on the level of, you can theoretically change any law you want, it's not like you actually have a kingdom to rule at the moment and it just shows all the highprinces that this imperial project has failed and they're gonna need to resume sovereignty once alethkar is reconquered. One of the things I really liked about roshar is how diverse it's cultures and how societal norms were being debated. In history, there were a lot of movements with various broadly egalitarian views- but that doesn't mean those movements, had they achieved power would have been able to enforce it on everyone else. Im a lot less excited about this state centric, Whiggish history of things can only ever get better and all you need is a ruler with a brain and boom society is Fixed. It feels kinda similar to the so called Rationalist Fanfictions like the one where Bella from Twilight uses Science to completely change global and vampire society in the name of Progress, disregarding the fact that the very fact it didnt happen means there were strong societal forces against it, or insulting all the characters and the society that's been built by the author by saying that they simply hadn't thought about equality but now that someone Rational has come along and told them how good it is, they're going to completely change their society to fix it. With the extreme level of changes Jasnah is autocratically decreeing, I can't help but think that she's a terrible queen and will soon be sidelined, discrediting her policies for possibly centuries afterwards. Even Catherine the Great wasn't comfortable issuing such far ranging reforms and she's the model of the enlightened despot, and Alethkar doesnt have the absolutist tradition of Tsarist Russia. Perhaps a good real world parallel is Josephinism in the Austrian monarchy- you have an enlightened monarch who personally adheres to egalitarian views, who has a broad vision for radical societal changes that he is fundamentally sure will make life better overall. In attempting impose these views on everyone, disregarding the vested interests, the complex legal traditions, the privileges that people seek to retain, etc however, he alienated everyone and essentially created massive revolts out of nowhere that long term severely weakened his state and its position in central Europe. Jasnahs position is even less stable than Joseph's, the intellectual tradition behind her reforms is so much less developed than 18th century Habsburg lands, and it is so incredibly unrealistic that everyone just goes Yes your majesty. And yeah I get that society is undergoing massive changes, but in times of crisis people tend to rally to the established order for some level of stability and societal changes are slow, each step is resisted by the established order and they require very broad bases of popular support. If jasnah can pull all of this off with just a bit of grumbling from the nobility, I just wouldn't be able to take any rosharan politics seriously.
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