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  1. I've recently been kinda obsessed with this manga called Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle. Starts out as just a running gag that the princess is willing to do anything to get good sleep while waiting for the hero to rescue her, but over time turns into a compelling story with real story arcs, a loveable cast of characters, and even a slow burn romance. I can't recommend it enough ugh
  2. Basically, I think that while we have piles of Stormlight/Cosmere memes here at the 17th Shard, there are not nearly enough tiktoks. I’m here to rectify that. https://www.tiktok.com/@dontheckinswear/video/6915812129304005894?sender_device=pc&sender_web_id=6897468767439128069&is_from_webapp=v1 Here’s my first one, I’ll add to it as I go along. If anyone else wants to add, feel free! (also I’m trying my best to censor language for the community guidelines, bear with me.)
  3. hey y'all is this uhh still a... still a thing that exists?
  4. ahaha Rhythm of War was so good that it pulled me back onto a website I haven't been active on since I was 16. Hi to the couple of people who might remember me, I'm back.

    1. Nathrangking


      Welcome back. It has been quite a while!!

    2. Orlion Blight

      Orlion Blight

      Bienvenido! If I could change my display name, I might be more recognizable! 

    3. Slowswift


      Welcome back! It's great to see you! :D 

  5. pfp is by @itstortit on tumblr, go check them out

  6. Hey so I'm doing an english project where we got to choose our books and I chose The Way of Kings because obviously, but as part of the assignment we have to analyze the literary themes, symbolism, tone/mood and imagery of the book. And I'm having a really hard time coming up with examples of symbolism that are in the book. So if you guys can think of any literary symbolism you've noticed (and if you have something to say about the themes and imagery that would be pretty cool too) and tell me about it because I'm severely lacking in that department, please do.
  7. Sorry this took twice as long as it was supposed to. My computer decided it would be a good idea to crash when I was halfway finished. It was really fun to draw someone older for once. Especially since you don't have to worry about making them attractive,
  8. So I'm working on the first one right now. I just want everyone to know that I'll probably only be able to get these out at a rate of one or two a week. I hope that's okay. I'll open this back up for requests when I get through most of these. Stay tuned!
  9. A sketch of The Woman who Deserved so Much Better™ to get used to drawing on Paint Tool Sai again.
  10. I did one of these a while back, but it died. And because I want to get better used to drawing digitally and am feeling rather uninspired at the moment, here we are. You can submit your OCs below and I will try to get to all of them, however I might not have time to draw all of them, depending how many people submit. This is on a first come, first serve basis. If you did submit your OC last time I did this, you can submit the same one again. I've gotten a lot better in the past year. In your description, please include the following: Hair color, length, and style Eye color and shape Skin color (this includes any moles, freckles, or birthmarks they may have) Body type Outfit (if you have reference photos, that's even better ) Other assorted oddities (horns, wings, robotic arms, extra eyes, etc.) Personality Interests Short rundown of their backstory If there's any other important information about the character, include that too. Reference photos of any kind are encouraged. I can draw the character in three ways: as a bust with multiple expressions, as a full body with a dynamic pose, or as a close up + a full body sketch. You can specify which of these you would prefer, however, it really depends if I'm more excited about their design or their personality. I'd also prefer you don't request any specific poses. I'd like to choose my own based on their personality/backstory. I look forward to drawing your characters!
  11. Aether of Night is most definitely not canon. However, I think this easter egg implies that Brandon might rewrite it or at least put a few aspects of the magic system into a different book.
  12. Woah resurrection sort of. Anywayses, I need some advice. There’s this guy at school who I have a crush on, but I know for a definitive fact he is not interested. There’s this other girl and they’re not officially dating yet but they have confirmed feelings and are basically just waiting for winter break. So, yeah, I definitely want to get over him but the thing is I genuinely enjoy talking with him and stuff just as a friend. Anyone know how to stop feeling romantic attraction for someone without completely severing a friendship?
  13. tumblr_nw52z1O3pg1tsohswo1_540.png

    1. Darkness Ascendant

      Darkness Ascendant

      You missed, "Mugging them for their non existent money"

    2. Jedal


      Smh why does everyone have to rust on Colombus Day. It's not about Colombus himself its about celebrating Italian-American culture. St. Patrick might not even be real and I don't see anyone complaining about it.

    3. Oversleep


      Colombus Day is not about Colombus?

      Curious naming those Americans have... :blink:

  14. If they ever make a Stormlight movie/TV show, they should get the guy who plays Kevin from Night Vale to voice Pattern. Imagine him with such lines as, "terrible destruction to eat!" (Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go back to lurking for the next month )
  15. I'm going to be in a drama production of Narnia, and one of the things we're doing is having two people play the lion (one for the butt and one for the head) So anyway, my friend and I have been referring to the two roles as Aslan and Asslan.
  16. Thanks! That means a lot coming from you.
  17. I used Copic markers! They are very nice when it comes to blending.
  18. The othe half of a redraw of this from 2015. It looks so much better, I want to cry Bonus:
  19. Half of a redraw of this from 2015. I've definitely improved, but I'm not happy with how childlike her proportions are. Bonus:
  20. Kaladin and Sylphrena being all ~hip with the kids~ (Idek what I'm saying) I don't really have a backstory for this au. Maybe Syl is Kaladin's adopted sister? If any of y'all have head canons, I'd love to hear them.
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