Shardcast: Who's That Cosmere Character?

This week we have a special episode, where we have an episode solely of Who's That Cosmere Character! And this time, we're keeping score! Who will win this duel of fates? Who will be the best at Who's That Cosmere Character? ...It'll be Ian, won't it? Probably! If you want to send one of these in, send it to [email protected]!

Ben (Overlord Jebus) is hosting and it's weird. We also have Eric (Chaos) who always deserves half points, Ian (WeiryWriter), Grace (thegatorgirl), and Shannon (Grey). We have some special WTCC's too, so get ready!

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what was the place from the practice?



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tLPW jokes

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Okay, I have listened to the podcast and come to a conclusion. I hereby declare that, as I gave @Greywatch a point for getting an answer at the same time as @WeiryWriter, I shall grant @thegatorgirl00 a point as well as @Chaos for the final WTCC on the WTCCcast.

As I still do not recognise @Chaos's half point as a legitimate point, this means that the final scores were

Shannon: 1

Grace: 4

Eric: 5

Ian: 9


Thank you for listening to this announcement.


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