Shardcast: Stormlight 4 Reading and Germany Words of Brandon

Legends say it is possible that Shardcast can get through Words of Brandon in a single episode, and this time we do it! We also discuss a Stormlight 4 reading ( ), which you can skip past at 20:30. There are some neats Words of Brandon in this one, too, talking about Shards, the survival Shard, and the purpose of the Rosharan system!? It's pretty fun.

This week we have Eric (Chaos), Ian (WeiryWriter), Evgeni (Argent), and Grace (thegatorgirl). Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]!


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Child of Hodor

Posted (edited)

@Chaos On the Shard that wants to hide and survive ... are we sure that’s not Cultivation? Was Cultivation a confirmed Shard when that WoB was given? Or are we sure Brandon remembered that Cultivation was  already confirmed when he was writing that WoB about a currently unknown Shard? 

Odium says Cultivation has “hidden herself away”.

the Diagram started after Mr. T visited the Valley and is all about ensuring that a “seed of humanity” survives.

Cultivation may have realized that it’s not enough and is changing strategies.

It’s weird for Brandon to be talking about a Shard going through changes over the years if that Shard has never been introduced.


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The real question about Shallan's personalities is who is Shallan? Is the person Shallan considers Shallan the true synthesis of herself; is "Shallan" her core self? Or is "Shallan" just one more aspect of her fractured personalities along with the others and she won't be stable until she can accept and combine all elements of her personality into one person. I don't think Shallan is in a healthy place yet and I don't think she has fully figured out who she is. If Brandon intended differently he did a poor job of showing it. I find it troubling that a person on the brink who is having such major identity issues got married at the end of Oathbringer. Either Shallan has a rocky future ahead trying to reconcile all of her personalities or Brandon didn't explain himself very well in the rushed wrap-up of Oathbringer.

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I’m with @thegatorgirl00 Grace on the Wisdom shard and the survival shard being 2 different shards still. The other way you guys interpreted that WoB works, it just wasn’t how I read it. 

@thejopen27 I agree that the ending of Oathbringer is a little ambiguous as to Shallan’s mental health and well-being. And there is a lot of good discussion about Shallan and her personas on the forums. My personal opinion is that the “Shallan” persona is the closest thing to core Shallan or Shallan prime we have. The other personas are splinters off that. And at the end of Oathbringer, I think Shallan chose to assert her dominance over the other personas. Doesn’t mean she’s all the way better or that things are going to be easy for her. But I think she chose to take a step forward such as it was. 

Lots of good WoBs in this episode. I can’t wait for more cosmere stories. Thanks for all you do guys! 

(PS, I really want to take on Ian on WTCC. I love those.)

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