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  1. My longtime theory is that the Siah Aimians are just 5th Ideal Honorspren persisting on beyond their radiants in the physical realm...
  2. You guys… they’re producing musical notes, it’s literally just harmony also, is the problem with Sazed him continuing to view them as two powers? He doesn’t consider himself Zen, but a harmony between Ruin and Preservation? If Honor and Odium combine, they become War, not a balance between Honor and Odium. Sazed and everyone else still views him as one person holding two powers instead of someone holding one, new power.
  3. I think Ruin is a heavily "CHANGE" shard while Preservation is the exact opposite (I don't know what the category would be). The issue is the one person with two shards has two shards that are exact opposites. I think the final conflict in the Cosmere will be three main factions A. The forces of the Shard of War (Odium plus Honor) from Roshar B. The forces of the Shard of Discord from Scadrial C. The heroes in some third faction Plus whatever Hoid is doing
  4. Fun to see you all do this. As someone who likes both, I'm glad you're not perpetuating the weird one sided rivalry/animosity some Brandon Sanderson fans have any time anyone mentions anything to do with George RR Martin.
  5. I think Book 4 is "Liar of Partinel". I think he finally decided to write Hoid's backstory. Everything he said about book 4 could apply to Hoid. "Dragonsteel" is the story of the shattering, but "Liar of Partinel" is Hoid's story
  6. You guys shouldn't think of Atium as alloyed with every other metal, you should think of it as Atium modifying other metals when burned together in Allomancy. Just like how Atium in Hemalurgy can steal anything, in Allomancy it modifies every ability. Atium turns gold and electrum from internal to external metals, or maybe we say it applies the effect of the metal from yourself to other people. Maybe it does the same to every other metal. Maybe combining Atium and Brass allows you to sooth your own emotions. Maybe combining Atium and Tin allows you to change another person's senses or maybe it does something like combining atium and pewter to make another extremely weak The reason Leras combined Atium and Electrum was not to hide the effect of Atium, it was to give Elend the ability to see the future of everything at that one moment, or maybe it was specifically to give the force the end there the capacity to resist long enough so that some people could survive and to give them a reason to burn off all the Atium.
  7. I imagine most of her eventual flashback book will be about her growing up as a street urchin in Iri though.
  8. I'd argue they could use their righteous anger at a corrupt and broken system to change it, instead of having Jasnah swoop in and change a millennia old system of slavery and and a caste system with one stroke of the pen. Kaladin is right to be angry about how he was treated by the Lighteyes. Kelsier was right to be angry at the nobles and how they treated Ska. Even Vivenna was right to be angry at the Hallendren and their constant threat to destroy her home country. it's how you use that anger that makes the difference.
  9. My eternal beef: Amaram was done dirty in Oathbringer and in general Brandon has a habit of taking complicated, conflicted, morally gray villains and turning them into mustache twirling villains so he can have his heroes guiltlessly kill them and move on to other villains. Amaram’s conversion to Odium should not have happened entirely off-screen and having him turn into a blob monster who could be killed without guilt was a bad decision by the author. Also, Brandon has had too many arranged marriages work-out and killed too many wives and mothers in people’s backstories. Also, I agree with Ella, Brandon dropped the ball on the class struggles and Kaladin should have stayed angry at the Lighteyes.
  10. You’re saying death is light as a feather and duty is heavy as a mountain?
  11. Just want to add this after listening to the end… no one can say Kaladin isn’t ready for a relationship and should just be friends with people if they also think Shallan is ready to be in a relationship. Having depression doesn’t disqualify someone from being able to participate in life.
  12. First of all, I feel I have to state that Kaladin is my favorite character. Secondly, I want to say that I myself have struggled with depression for years and Kaladin in Rhythm of War was very hard for me to read due to Depression feedback loops I was having with Kaladin. I feel like Kaladin has come to the point in his story where he has finally realized that he cannot just be a surgeon, and he can't just be a soldier. He needs to be something else, something that successfully synthesizes his two identities, his two dueling sides. I don't think being a therapist is all he's going to do. That is just being a surgeon, a different, more fulfilling kind of surgeon, but still just a surgeon. Kaladin loves fighting (but not killing), he's a great leader, and soon he will likely be a 5th ideal Windrunner. What does that make him? I also don't think book 5 will just be Kaladin's end. From a story perspective, Kaladin's arc has been about learning to live with himself and accepting responsibility for the decisions he's made. I don't think it's narratively the right thing to do to have a character who's struggled with depression and thoughts of suicide to die a heroic, self-sacrificing death. I think it's narratively better if Kaladin can find some way to live his life in a fulfilling, satisfying way where he can combine the two conflicting sides of himself. It's also the harder thing for Kaladin to do. Dying heroically would be easy for Kaladin. Living happily is a better end for his character. As far as Syladin goes... it didn't seem like a Romantic relationship was even possible so I never thought about it. Syl was written believably as a nonhuman character. Then Rhythm of War happened and, suddenly, it did seem possible. I don't know how I feel about it and it would depend, heavily, on how Brandon executed it. I'm not flat opposed to it, but I'd need to be convinced and Brandon couldn't skip any steps.
  13. You guys are so rigid, technical, pedantic, and dependent on Brandon clearing up any and every thing for you that any ambiguity on Brandon’s part completely short circuits you. Embrace the ambiguity. Embrace the magic and fantasy of the stories. Embrace not knowing if it’s really Tien and really Nohadon and having to make your own judgement call.
  14. I'm strongly in favor of the Gavilar as Odium's champion as a Fused/Cognitive Shadow. It would fit in SO well to Dalinar's arc and it would make all five Gavilar prologues have so much more relavance to the story. Everything in the first four books stems from this man, this cruel, manipulative, arrogant, vain, prideful man, the things he began with his plotting to unite humanity against an enemy he would create, and the tragic results of his assassination. Gavilar's life and death have been the inciting incident of everything that has happened in Stormlight up to this point. He would make the most sense as the champion of Odium, to duel Dalinar at the end of the first half of Stormlight.
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