Shardcast: Spren and Spren Societies

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When do we think Teft bonded his spren? Seems odd he would speak two ideals off-screen so quickly. Is it possible he bonded earlier and pulled a Shallan by 'forgetting' he did so? 


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I am extremely late to the party, but I've only just listened to this episode.

@24:00, Grace's question. I had the same reaction as Eric, hearing this: I did think we saw many other types of spren wearing "physical clothes" in Celebrant, so I went to check:

We do see other spren (not Reachers) wearing clothes, though I guess whether they are "physical clothes" is left up to the imagination:

"The tent was occupied only by a single bewildered spren made of smoke, looking odd in a green cap and what seemed to be Horneater clothing."

Not sure what kind of spren this is, but it doesn't match the description of Reachers.

There's also that bit where Adolin notices the odd clothes, though he does not specify which kind of sprens wear them:

"They seem to wear whatever," Adolin said, pointing. "That's an Alethi officer's coat over and Azish scribe's vest. Tashikki wrap worn with trousers, and there's almost a full Thaylen tlmko, but they're missing the boots."

I got the impression these were all physical clothes, as Inkspren, Honorspren and Cryptics are described as having clothing that "seemed part of them."

The shopkeeper that sells weapons is described as a Cultivationspren and wears a havah:

"You like?" the shopkeeper asked. She was made of vines -- her face formed as if from green string -- and wore a havah with a crystal safehand exposed.

Maya is also described as wearing "ragged clothing" in the Damnation chapter. So that adds to what Ian said. I don't know if there are other examples of Cultivationspren wearing clothes.

Don't know if this is the kind of detail you want to include in the Coppermind, but if so, let me know.

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