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March 2022 Coppermind Art Commission


The time is 7:46 in the morning, as the people of Iri mark the time. The sun is rising over the leeward horizon when the Kasitor Bay ripples with a wave that is not quite a wave (fine, it's a bit late for a sunrise, but your memory of the event has painted it with a bit of an artistic license). From the illusory water rises a spren with a body like a jet of water, a hundred feet tall (your memory embellishes the sight a bit again), four arms sprouting from the main body, landing on pillars carefully constructed in the exact locations the arms' hands land every morning. Cusicesh the Protector has arrived, just like it does every morning.

For the month of March we chose to hire Jordi Rapture, an illustrator talented in depicting (among other things) all sorts of weird creatures (you may have seen this Nightwatcher or this Stormfather from a couple of years ago). Cusicesh is a notoriously difficult spren to paint, in large part because of how little detail there is to its shape, but we think Jordi gave it a very fair interpretation - faithful to the text, but also unique and strange, as befitting a one-of-a-kind spren. We couldn't do the shifting faces, unfortunately, turns out you really need animation for that :D

A giant spren rises from a serene bay, the rising sun at its back, a city of mostly white stone in front. The spren's body looks like a pillar of water, four arms - two larger, two smaller - coming out from its sides to rest upon intricate golden pillars jutting out from the water. The body leans towards the city, ending with the face of an old man forming at the end of the stump-like neck. Lush vegetation is visible in the bottom right corner, over the city, with small patches of red coral having grown over the golden pillars and the rock upon which the people have constructed a viewing platform dedicated to Cusicesh the Protector.

Edited by Argent


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Finally! I've been waiting to see a Cusicesh depiction for far too looooong! And it is terrific! 

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