Mistborn: House War Kickstarter Live and Funded!

Great news everyone, the Mistborn: House War Kickstarter launched today.  And it has already funded as well, in less than five hours at that!  Go and check it out here.

Next up is the first stretch goal at $45,000 where Crafty Games will add a new playable house, House Bylerum (which is from their A House of Ashes companion).  To just get the base game with no frills requires a pledge of $50, and they also have a more limited "Prestige Edition" which includes special foil versions of cards among other additions for $100 dollars.  They also have all of the Mistborn Adventure Game supplements available as add-ons (including the upcoming Alloy of Law II supplement dealing with information from Shadows of Self and The Bands of Mourning).

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go and back it myself.

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Young Bard

Posted (edited)

Well, they've done that one. They're at $60,000 now. Next stretch goal is at $67,500, then at $75,000. Seeing as it's been live a day and they've already made it this far, I wouldn't say they're going to have any trouble.

I have to be honest, I'll probably wait for it to hit the shelves, as $50 in US dollars, plus credit card fees, currency change fees, shipping and handling fees (bearing in mind I need it to be shipped internationally), packaging fees, and we're-going-to-call-this-some-obscure-sounding-name-you-don't-know-what-it's-for fees, all together is a bit outside my budget range.:(

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