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  1. Didn't Brandon split some of Dalinar's aspects off into Adolin between TWOK Prime and TWoK?
  2. True, but they were much closer by then, not still far away at the camp. They'd have to finish Adolin off and then get back to Notum, or carry Notum off. A few minutes is really pushing it at that point, especially given how many Adolin had taken out. Do you just assume Adolin was the only competent one at that point, or assume you might have a tough fight on your hands if you stick around? Thanks, I was thinking along those lines as well.
  3. I was starting to wonder what the back five would be about as it seemed like there was a way to deal with Odium in the front five. Then Mr. T ascended, and then I was thinking how eff'd Dalinar is goign to be in ten days, and if he's going to be the antagonist in the back 5. Seems too obvious, but on the other hand, Adolin having to take on his father..... Ouch. Also, anyone else think Renarin only foresaw Seth killing Mr. T and that's what the "sorry" was for? Not sure he saw the ascension.
  4. Well, they did get him healed afterwards. As was mentioned elsewhere in the book, more soldiers die from battlefield wounds than on the battlefield. And he didn't go it alone -- Maya and Gallant joined in and then the rest of team started catching up. If he actually beat all 20 that would have been a bit much, but an extremely experienced soldier + duelist managing to barely hold out against poorly trained thugs wasn't too much of a stretch. He clearly would have died if the others had not arrived. With that said, he has some kind of bond with Maya and might be getting some additional benefits from it, much like Radiants do.
  5. Brandon indicated he originally planned to reveal Listener culture in this book, but realized he had to reveal it sooner. So, yeah, felt more like he was obligated to do them because of the structure he set for the series. It doesn't help that Eshonai was the far more interesting character and one fans were bonding with, then she gets killed off and we get her selfish sister as a replacement. Just not enough time for the emotional investment. He needed to start showing Venli's good side much, much more in OB so that these flashbacks to her previous self would contract tot he current Venli, not highlight how far she has to go yet (making her a less likeable character). The flashbacks seemed shorter this time, and maybe that's because Brandon accounted for less interest (from the beta reads).
  6. It could have happened so fast that Testament didn't have time to leave.
  7. Thought this was clear from the book: Pattern told Wit about the corrupted Spren and Mraize learned about it because he was spying on Jasnah+Wit. We know Pattern was talking to Wit -- that was confirmed later on, so I see no reason to doubt the above is what happened. Rest was Mraize being cagey, keeping Shallan off balance, etc. He needed to keep Shallan interested in joining the Ghostbloods so she would complete the mission, etc.
  8. Could also be due to experience -- she's been a Lightweaver since childhood.
  9. According to a recent YouTube video, Brandon originally planned to have it be a magical malady but then ended up going the more realistic DID approach. He had to do a massive rewrite in the revision process to fix her scenes. But earlier this year I think he mentioned she'd have her own special version of DID. So, magical malady with realistic vibes.
  10. Killing Sadeas fits in with Alethi culture and the general Rosharan setting. Sadeas was boasting about the the crimes he planned to commit, which is what set Adolin off. There's nothing hypothetical about that. The only damning thing about the incident is Adolin losing his temper. Shallan was the one that volunteered to go to the Honorspren. Adolin naturally volunteered after that. And the job was to deliver the message, to start a dialog to rebuild the relationship, not to be a full on ambassador. It was Adolin that took it upon himself to do more, because he didn't want to return a failure to his father yet again. Plus sending Adolin made sense since he had been to Shadesmar before plus has ties to Dalinar and Jasnah. Plus if Shallan was going, he pretty much had to go. And he wasn't some legal genius -- he was destined to lose the trial without outside intervention. It was Blended that convinced the prosecution to call Maya as a witness, after she had looked up Maya's name, that lent considerable credibility to Adolin's claim that Maya told him her name. It wasn't trial brilliance on Adolin's part. I think Brandon is channeling the "innate optimism" he talked about on his YouTube channel through Adolin, and is trying to show that good people can do good things. And maybe that a generally good person can still be an interesting (enough) character. We'll have to see what comes next. The Shadesmar events may have significant ramifications in future books. Maybe in the back 5 books even.
  11. He's using cytonics to move around all the time, so it has to be tied to being forced to use cytonics in some way.
  12. Great first read but a bit trope heavy, that may detract from re-rereads. Brade in particular was disappointing. Spensa waking up just in time to derail the coup hurt the ending. I really enjoyed how the Superiority was portrayed -- the hypocrisy, etc. was all really well done. Hope we see more Cobb in book 3!!
  13. Do we know that Lightweavers are supposed to get armor at rank 4?
  14. Most obvious answer is Shallan is the one repressing her progression. She is in the order steeped in lies and truths after all. Though it's worth noting that Kaladin fast forwarded back to where he was once he got past his regression, so the perceptions of the radiant may be the most relevant factor (kind of like how Kaladin still has the slave brands).
  15. Or they knew the children were of more interest (I think Mraize alludes to this at one point -- they just thought it was Heleran). They would need to plant the seeds for blackmail, control, etc. Also, taking advantage of one goal to achieve another as well plus providing a better cover for the ultimate goal (radiants).
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