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  1. That sounded like a good idea! I had never heard of the steel alphabet, but found it on the coppermind. Sadly, the result is just as cryptic: Y B I M W L S G Z R
  2. I'm rereading TLM and wondering about the graphic that's under each 'Part X' title. Has there been any discussion of this? If there has been I couldn't find it. There are two rows of metal/number symbols. Of course those could be random, just for decoration, but I find that hard to believe. Yet I cannot think of any meaningful interprtetation. In numbers it's: 14 1 3 11 13 5 16 9 15 6 The metals are: nicrosil iron tin gold chromium zinc duralumin cadmium aluminum brass Any thoughts?
  3. I tremble to suggest this, and maybe someone can help me out with a satisfying answer. Here's my problem: Ryan sabotaged Ulric's beacon. When John meets Ryan, they guess that it still worked in part since John got through, though somewhere unexpected. And Ulric somehow could trace where he had landed. Then it turns out Ulric's beacon really doesn't work anymore, and it was Logna who 'fetched' John. Nothing to do with Ulric's beacon. So, how did Ulric know that someone had landed in Stenford?
  4. Published in 'Arcanum Unbounded'. And what you're forging is (slight spoiler, but something you find out pretty much at the beginning of the story, so it's really more of a teaser than a spoiler): The way I take it, that's just showing how her personality tends to extremes. I'm not aware of any deeper meaning to it.
  5. I don't think it's a spoiler to mention what story that is, but to be in the safe side...
  6. I don't think it's either of the two possibilities. I don't remember where Malata was at that moment, but guess she probably was there and represented the Dustbringers. She definitely is the only one whom Dalinar would recognize as a Dustbringer at that time. We're seeing this scene through his eyes, and he sees 9 orders represented. I can't point to any specific WoB right now, but I remember that on several occasions he said something to the effect that there is a limit to how long it is acceptable to misdirect your readers on any given subject. E.g. he promised after WoR that we would soon know whether the man entering Kholinar in that epilogue was really Taln, and he kept that promise in OB. By that reasoning alone, Shallan is definitely out as a secret Dustbringer. She's an experienced Lightweaver by now and bonded to a cryptic who is one of the main characters. Even if Chana was really somehow hiding inside Shallan, that wouldn't change the fact that Shallan herself is a Lightweaver, I just don't see BS suddenly coming around the corner with: 'I fooled you all about her real nature'. And I would claim almost the same for Ash really being Chana, though a little more tentativly. But we see her talking about how her father was just killed, she destroys Shallash images not Chana images, and all in all is too well established as herself by now in my opinion for BS to pull such a trick. I do think it's possible that Ash will become a dustbringer and is the 'real' representative on Honor's side, though Dalinar doesn't know it.
  7. I couldn't find that rather old thread about who might be the kandra worldhopper on Roshar. But after all sorts of important people had been suggested, someone said: 'probably someone unimportant like the chouta seller'. Kudos, whoever you are: you were probably right!
  8. The number 16 certainly is suspicious. But apart from that, I consider it a possibility that 15 of them contain the16 basic metals (or fifteen? would aluminum cancel the others? Can't remember just now...) and the last one contains atium in addition. Just saw that @Dl206 is of the same opinion: In addition, 16 might just be a red herring for us so that we're not entirely sure even now whether he's mistborn. Cool yes, but why would he need metal flasks then instead of armbands?
  9. At first I thought it might be Lessie, but then I realized (after enlarging the picture) that she's wearing spectacles. So now my guess is Ranette, she uses magnifying spectacles in one scene. Otherwise, I think both women's description would fit.
  10. Thanks @Treamayne and @Greywatch. The problem was not about the mechanics of quoting per se, but that the quotes always ended up in a new post, even when I had the cursor inside the post I tried to edit. Found a way now though: cutting it out of the new post and inserting it in the one I'm editing.
  11. There's a lot to look forward to with Rysn, the Novella that's set between SA3 and SA4 ('Dawnshard') is about her. Not to mention some more very interesting interludes. It's worthwhile to keep the characters connected to her story (including pets!) in memory. This is somewhat of a spoiler but not a very big one I think, and a very interesting thing about Rysn, so decide whether you want to see it (it reveals one aspect of Rysn's future): Sorry about the double post, I know it's not supposed to be done, but I didn't manage to add quotes to my previous post. If that's possible and some admin sees this and can tell me how it's done, it will be appreciated! Good catch!! Information on Aimians will be forthcoming VERY SLOWLY, and most of them in WOBs. To be on the safe side, I'll spoiler the rest of this, but you asked, and I think there are no serious spoilers here.
  12. Take with a grain of salt: 1. Pattern We're seeing a spren reawakening - it's only fair that we should see one becoming a deadeye. And he's known it all along, hasn't he? How - Shallan subconsciously finds her next truth, and simply is not able to admit it, it's too horrible*. So she does 'it' all over again. * SA5 prologue wide-spread theory spoiler 2. This next one contains Mistborn spoilers: 3. Hoid Design drives him to desperation, so he finally gets tired of life. Again: overdue, after all those millennia, and with Design being what she is. I mean, it's quite inescapable at this point?! Also, he's believed to be unkillable, and we're owed some REAL surprises now and then. How - He steals Nightblood and unsheathes it. It takes Jasnah entering Shadesmar to identify the body... ============================================================================== On a more serious note: Adolin is NOT going to die. His arc with Maya is too unique and important. And while we know spren react differently to the deaths of their knights, we know what it did to Syl - and seriously: you think a barely reawakened spren would be less devastated? Brandon simply can't do that to her.
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