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Elantris Anniversary Tomorrow, Leatherbound Announcement, & New Maps!!


The hype train is going up to full speed. Shadows of Self comes out tomorrow, but today, Brandon posted a huge blog about the Elantris Anniversary editions, which also comes out tomorrow and are definitely not something for you to forget about tomorrow.

This new version of Elantris is now the canonical version, fixing some continuity errors. The physical edition will be North American only for now. It's hardcover first, and the paperback will come to this edition later, in a year or so. Ebooks will update to this text (with iBooks, automatically). In the UK, the text will be there soon™.

But, of course, what's in the new Elantris? I'll let Brandon explain:

As for the changes, we went through the book with a fine-tooth comb, and gave it a copyedit more along the lines of what we do these days, fixing many small grammatical and continuity errors. There are no substantive changes, however, unless you count things like moving a building from one side of the city to the other in order to make distances and scale work for the visuals.

Also included is a foreword by Dan Wells and a much expanded appendix, including the Mad Prince sequence of deleted scenes. The art has been reworked by Isaac Stewart, who updated the Aon symbols and the maps in the front, better matching my vision for how the landscape ties into the novel. And there is one brand-new scene somewhere you might not be expecting to find one.

So if you are in the mind of "eh, I don't want to reread Elantris," as some people are in the house I'm currently in (I'm currently hanging out with other 17S staff for the Shadows release tonight), fear not. The book is basically the same, but the new maps, and new stuff in the appendix and front are what you want.

We'll discuss the maps in a moment, but first, we need to talk about the Elantris Leatherbound Edition, which has been teased on Twitter a bit, and now Brandon has revealed most of the details.

This edition will have all the text, a leatherbound exterior, and a multi-page full art section including my favorite covers and art for the series from across the world. Additionally, all the interiors are printed in two colors, blue and black, with the Aons and accent text in blue. And the pages are smyth sewn instead of glued like most books on the market today. We’re anticipating this book selling for around $100–$125, as I personally felt that some leatherbound editions of books have been too pricey. It will be released this November, if the printing goes according to plan, and while it won’t be a limited release (we will reprint if needed) I will do a hand-signed and numbered sub-edition like I do with all newly released books.

He also goes on to say that we'll be able to get this from Brandon's store, or bookstores on tour, but probably not the average Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

Now we have to talk about the maps, since they are conveniently all posted for our perusal. They are all in color, but I imagine in the physical Elantris Anniversary Edition, it will be grayscale (like in Alloy). I imagine they will be in color in the leatherbound. But guys. These are super cool. Let's go through each of these, with some brief comments. They all look fantastic. Great job, Isaac!

Check them out:




For full discussion on the maps, go here!


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The new scene and the Mad Prince scenes are what I'm most excited for. I keep hearing Brandon talk about the Mad Prince on Writing Excuses and I've been curious to read those parts. Plus, I want to see what the new scene is. 


These maps are beautiful! Isaac Stewart strikes again.

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You can read the Mad Prince scenes on Brandon Sanderson's website.

There are some comments.

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Is there any link between the two Eon plantations? And which one does Eondel own?

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