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Wasn't a fan in Way of Kings. Didn't like her chapters cause they got in the way of Kaladin's story.

Really liked her in Words of Radiance. Though some of her flashbacks seemed overly depressing. 

Didn't like her plot all that much in Oathbringer. 

Liked where her plot was going early in Rhythm of War but it spiralled downward in my opinion. Mental breakdown scene was pretty awful. Three personality thing started off okay but it quickly got lame. Hard to take them seriously when all three are Shallan. Would have been more interesting if the other personalities actually turned into entities of their own. Maybe have her soul split into three or something. Just a thought.

Still like her though. And it looks like Kalak joined her crew which will probably make her story more interesting. 

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To be honest i find Shallan quiet tiring. For multiple reasons.

Mainly, the fact she is meant to be this smart, clever witty person, and i don't think shes ever said anything especially smart/clever/witty in the 4 books.

Also how she seems to luck out of every situation shes in, gets a bit much.

Regarding the 3 personas, up until OB, there was only Veil, who wasn't a persona at all, she was "a cover story" much how a spy/under cover cop takes an a role, in OB this fractured into a whole persona, as well as Radiant becoming another one, and in RoW found the depiction of Shallan "hiding" behind the other two, and this "Formless" thing to just be cringy.

It wouldn't surprise me if Shallan is just another persona as well, that she became when she met Jasnah or when went to shattered plains.

Don't think anyone can claim to know who Shallan is.

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Wok: Intrigued by her backstory, but more interested in Bridge 4. Not annoyed by her at all. 

Wor: ohmahgosh her flashback chapters are so good. So traumatic and horrifying.

O: Pretty good. 

RoW: Very interesting, love the testament twist and the foreshadowing that went up to it. 

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WoK: interesting side character that added pretty much nothing to the overall plot but nicely written

WoR: Great flashbacks maybe a bit to much “ shallan knows the best in everyone” 

 OB: veil becoming a person feels weird and the whole breakdown was from out of left field 

RoW: not a fan of timeskips generally I don’t like radiant veil or shallan by themselves... formless was such an added plot point after revisions.       Didn’t like the pattern is the spy scene “pattern our most trusted friend is a spy... and now for the next plot point.” Literally nobody cares about it for 500 pages

I like it overall but there is just to much craziness l.     book 1 had good stuff in ‘normal’ shallan 

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