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  1. Cool theory. Maybe Shallan's future goal would be finding and restoring her mom.
  2. I meant that I think there are too much information in the WoBs, not that the books don't make sense without WoBs.
  3. I also think there's too much information in the WoBs. If there's something readers need to know it should be in the books. I think Renarin deserved that bond. Agreed on the rest of the Kholins though.
  4. I thought that Kaladin is a character bound to Stormlight Archive whose story wouldn't go past it but now I'm convinced that Cosmere needs more people like Kaladin and worldhopping Kal would be a good idea. Now that I think of it many of the Cosmere-aware folks traveling around don't seem all that good.
  5. I think Adolin learned basic things like there being other planets and people and magic by the end of Rhythm of War. He was with Shallan when she challenged Ghostbloods and told her they're in this together. I don't think Shallan wouldn't have told Adolin about the Ghostbloods being off-world organization. And stuff she learned from Kalak. He's now involved in inter-planetary business with his wife so I think he'd probably gain more knowledge of the wider Cosmere.
  6. Kaladin feels like a character who's tied to Stormlight Archive, his story beginning and ending in it.
  7. I like Lirin. I don't like Jasnah. Too nigh-perfect. Was hoping she would have a major defeat in Rhythm of War for once but it didn't happen.
  8. Agreed. I'd root for the First of the Sun. I like Dusk and his world.
  9. Thanks for clearing it up. Can Spiritweb/Spiritual Aspect be stored in metalmind then?
  10. This WoB says souls are made of Investiture though. Has this been changed?
  11. Just had this thought recently. From what I know souls in Cosmere are made of Investiture and Investiture can be stored in nicrosil metalminds. So can someone's soul be stored in metalmind? And if the Feruchemist taps into it what would happen?
  12. No idea how it can happen but wouldn't mind if Jasnah becomes Taravangian's champion.
  13. Don't like what's happening to Bridge Four. Was basically Kaladin's family in the first two books but has been reduced to just another group of expendable soldiers and relegated to the background. Rock is gone, Teft is dead, and most of the original members are hardly getting any scenes. Dabbid and Rlain had a chance to shine but got the Sibling stolen by Kholin.
  14. Wasn't a fan in Way of Kings. Didn't like her chapters cause they got in the way of Kaladin's story. Really liked her in Words of Radiance. Though some of her flashbacks seemed overly depressing. Didn't like her plot all that much in Oathbringer. Liked where her plot was going early in Rhythm of War but it spiralled downward in my opinion. Mental breakdown scene was pretty awful. Three personality thing started off okay but it quickly got lame. Hard to take them seriously when all three are Shallan. Would have been more interesting if the other personalities actually turned into entities of their own. Maybe have her soul split into three or something. Just a thought. Still like her though. And it looks like Kalak joined her crew which will probably make her story more interesting.
  15. I don't think it'll happen but if it does I think Mister Sanderson would be able to pull it off in a satisfying way. Though I want to say that Moash was a pretty great character in Words of Radiance but after that he quickly went down the spiral and now he's a poorly written character and a huge waste of potential. In Words of Radiance he was a vengeful guy who was what Kaladin might have become if he didn't find better goals. His reasons for wanting to kill Elhokar was very understandable in my opinion and his backstory was another look at the problems of Alethkar society that need to be addressed. Making a character who is similar to Kaladin but is trying to go down a different path(during WoR) was a good idea. But all the interesting things that could have come out of that get thrown out the window by the next book. He quickly turns into a hollow, cartoonishly evil man. Its like Mister Sanderson created this guy to be a sink hole for fan hate.
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