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Noob Saying Hello !


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59 minutes ago, MechanicSpren said:

hello all Sandersonfans !  glad to on the forum . new to his books but i have torn thru the stormlight archive series this year and cant get enough. looking forward to reading more. can anyone point me to a timeline for reading his cosmere books? 





Hello there, and welcome to the chaos Shard!

My next recommendation would be to read the first Mistborn trilogy first. I would then recommend either Warbreaker or Elantris, because those are the first few books of the Cosmere if I'm correct. Then the second Mistborn trilogy, and you should be caught up.

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On 1/26/2021 at 9:43 AM, Shard of Reading said:

Hi, Welcome to the shard!

Personally, I would recommend reading the mistborn trilogy after SA. Then, you could either read Elantris or warbreaker. Then you could go to the second Mistborn era, and then arcanum unbounded.

Who's your favorite character?

Tough to say really...... they are all so good and he does such good character development. Like Dalinar and also Kaladin but i think its hard not to like them. Jasnah as a strong female character i like a lot but not getting enough of her this book. I'm 3/4 thru ROW right now and im most curious to see how Adolin fares . i like his character the most considering how he has down with no Radiant "upgrade" . 

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