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The F-tin *Ahem* Club has ruled far too long. The F-Duralumin... *Ahem* club faded away, and few others have rivaled F-tin.

So, in response to this, The Manic guild rises. Imagine rushing towards your your enemy in a blazing fury, knives flashing through the air. Your Electrum Shadows show you all your options, and sheer determination fuels your body. You're stuck in a room. If there is a way out, your determination will assure that you will find it, and your Electrum shadows will further shorten the process. 

Being brainwashed? Store Electrum.

Need to do your flippin work? Tap electrum.

With 45% Gold and 55% silver, The Manic Guild will rebel, and overturn the long-standing rule of the F-Tinners! (Assuming people like Electrum!)

45/55 forever.



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10 minutes ago, Shard of Reading said:

But, I don't think it's the coolest thing.

Well, do you prefer it over F-tin?

1 minute ago, Frustration said:

Ah, so that's what I was tapping while making my Voidbinding theory.

And probably what Brandon was Tapping in those last days of writing ROW, too.

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Just now, Aspiring Writer said:

@Koloss17 we have competition.

took you an hour to sense it, obviously we are superior.:D

1 minute ago, Omi the Counselor said:

And probably what Brandon was Tapping in those last days of writing ROW, too.

So that's why he takes so lon in between, now he needs A-Electrum

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If your good at using electrum, I think you could use it to about the same effect as Atium, but much more difficult. 



How does electrum work?

Brandon Sanderson

Electrum can see future shadows only as far in the future as is done with atium in the books. They use it to counter atium in that they see their own future shadow fighting, and if they see their shadow get hit by an attack, they know to avoid that attack, and they change their own future. This compounds the future shadows they see, which makes it practically as effective at countering atium as atium itself.

While the scope of an electrum shadow is very limited, it could be useful in many situations. Like if you were playing tennis, you’d be able to look at your shadow and tell if you managed to hit the ball or not, and adjust accordingly. That would still take a lot of practice to master, but it could be very effective.

Miscellaneous 2016 (July 15, 2016)

If someone was going to shoot an arrow at you, you could see which shadow get's hit and avoid that, or just follow a shadow that doesn't get hit.

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