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  1. Wish did not see reality as reality. Rather, each moment of time, each precious state and arrangement of the universe was a work of art, a story. He was familiar with stories, and familiar with life. He closed the thick, leather bound volume he held with a careful, almost reverent motion, and placed it back upon its shelf, with the countless other tomes that told one grand, immense story. He called them his Memoriam. A vast collection of books containing the intricate story that had been his life. It was a helpful thing to have, a strength to rely upon when he could not recall why he fought against the constantly beating current that was senescence. A blank volume lay closed on his desk. That, he hoped, would become a work of equal, even greater magnitude to his grand collection. This place that defied reason, expectation, even natural law. Yes, this was a place that could harbor such a powerful story. The real trick, Wish had learned over his many years of life, was getting the story, containing it between thin paper and binding it, in its fullness, with the ink of writing. Luckily, Wish had some time to spare.
  2. Cool, cool. The whole 'shard of circus' thing was really just a hyperbole I used to express the pure skill, but yeah, I know what you're saying. And with the whacky antics thing as well, that could turn south for sure, although I wasn't really considering that sort of personality for a character. All in all, that's very helpful in my ongoing quest to understand this thing that is the Alleyverse, thanks.
  3. So I recently heard a rather interesting term, which was 'Divine Investiture of Authority'. What that term means is basically exactly what it says. A god or deity, summat, putting the authority to act in their name, into someone else. Sounds a lot like cosmere Investiture actually. Investiture could just be a physical representation of Adonalsium's authority over the universe (Or whatever it is exactly Adonalsium had power over), being put into other beings. 'Investiture' isn't exactly a common word. Especially considering it has been said that Adonalsium is the source of all investiture in the Cosmere, this could make sense as to why that's the word Brandon chose for his magic energy stuff. (There might be an actual WoB or something on why the word 'investiture'. I don't know, but I just typed this out so too late for extra research now.)
  4. So. I've looked in the Index, and there is no section in skills that defines clownishness (who'da guessed). Like, circus skills. My best guess would be somewhere in between 'intelligence' and 'handiwork'. So what I'm saying is, in theory, how close to ascending to the shard of Circus could one get, assuming one puts every single point into said clownosity, becoming as good as possible at as many things as possible? You know, just in theory. I'm honestly curious.
  5. Including but not limited to: Unintentional one-armedness
  6. Unless of course one wishes to learn one-armed juggling, of course. In which case that would be suitable.
  7. So, soulstone. A softish rock the hardens when put in flame and has blood-looking inclusions. Name originates from rocks that fell from the sky and were called 'the souls of broken gods'. Now that's quite clearly referencing Aona/Skai. But it's very curious to me that it would have red bits in it. Now I'm almost certainly drawing some lines that aren't there. However. Trellium am I right? That is a silvery metal with dark red, almost rustish bits in it. What's the connection there? The color red is a big part of this invasive thing around Scadrial. Further note: Emperor's soul went out 2013. Alloy of law 2012. So the timing works out for sure. I sure don't know. More likely than not they're unrelated, it's an interesting connection though. Good thing Lost Metal's coming somewhat soon.
  8. The title says it all. Most of it anyway. I've got this big thing I'm working on writing but I've got some work to do on it. So I got some motivation by writing a little short story (real short) in the same universe. That's right here The Element Most Essential (Random note at the bottom, the shard can do weird stuff to formatting. It's fine though) More writing. Needs a name but I don't have one. Too bad. First two chapter bits So when I do figure out some important stuff and write it, here's where it'll be, if ya care to have some random stuff to read.
  9. I come from the lands of grey silence to seek out those disciples of the glorious juggling art. Together we shall forge a beautiful Order. To further and enhance our juggling capability. Venite, joculatorem
  10. So I disappeared. For a good long while.


    So I guess here's what I've been doing:

    I wrote a cruddy book. I learned to juggle. I got darn good at juggling. I defied the odds. Continually became surprised at my utter defiance of the odds. Read books. Tried to write better. Hoarded candy. Lived on google docs. Considered existence.

    All in all, I experienced change. Cultivation would be proud.

    So who knows. Maybe I'll see ya in another year or so.


  11. "I'm... Norman. Yes. Norman," Gnorman said. "What's yours?" It felt wrong to say his name without the silent 'G'.
  12. "I've heard this place referenced as 'the town where nothing happens'. Where the town is... That's a good question," Said Gnorman. For some reason or another, the location of this town was very difficult to pinpoint. Before the Gnomon spike, the federation hadn't even realized it existed. "Honestly, I haven't been here for long myself."
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