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The Linear Thread


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Here we go! Remember, this is like The Longest Thread except linear, so speak in bold, have a character, and go ahead and join in! Please try not to be random and I'd prefer it if no one godmodded.

Melody sighed and looked around the garden. Ever since her four older sisters had left and she was left at home with Mother, Father, and Song, she had had nothing to do. Song wasn't any help, she was always playing with her dolls. To be honest, Melody thought she took that 'youngest' thing a bit too much to heart. She was the youngest of sextuplets, it's not like there was any noticeable difference. Melody rolled onto her stomach. Today she had taken her blanket out to the garden just for a change of scenery, but it was actually really nice out here. Without noticing it, she fell asleep.

Okay, so let me know when you get here, and I'll have her wake up and notice someone in the garden. If someone posts but doesn't want to participate, it'll just be Song.

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2 minutes ago, xinoehp512 said:

"Decidedly false," said Gerald the squid gloomily.

"Wait. How did you get here? And how is that false? I mean, about 16 years ago there were sextuplets born, but that's about it. But really, who are you and how did you get here?" Melody was confused. Very confused.

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