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Hello everyone!

Powerful Meower

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55 minutes ago, Powerful Meower said:

Shout out to honorles's (sorry wont let me tag you) thread about the community not thinking through Moash's motivations carefully enough. Got me to sign up. 

I am currently Re-reading stormlight in preparation for book 4, can't wait to favorite insightful comments and participate in engaging discussions. 

Thanks! And welcome to the Shard!

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That's game, set, and match to Honorless right there wow what high praise! 

Happy to have you here with us and look forward to engaging discussions with you as well! That reread sounds perfectly timed, man, any chance you could telepathically beam that to me as you read??? Would love to get another round in :D. I know it can be a semi-advanced skill but I believe in you :P

Oh and @Njvodin and @Koloss17 lmao

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Kolos17, I read through most of the Sanderson novels back to back after starting stormlight I did: Stormlight, then Mistborn, then Arcanum, Warbreaker, and then finished with the oldest Elantras (this was honestly my favorite). I tried to read Edgedancer but I really cannot stand Lift right now, though I am excited for her characters potential. Read some other authors for a few months and am now circling back to stormlight. I'm so glad I am re-reading, making new connections as I re-read, currently almost done with WOR, hoping i'll be able to get through oathbringer before stormlight 4 comes out.

Mist, I am a artist and social chameleon IRL so I identify most with the lightweavers!

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