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So, ah... I've actually been here for a little while.

I've never even bothered to look at this forum, preferring to stick to other places (my fav. being the forum games). Nonetheless, I decided I might as well let people know who I am.

That being the case: Hello!

M'names Channelknight. Fadran's just an alibi, as writing under my actual name or in first person makes me uncomfortable. I can write in first person if people don't know what my actual name is, though; hence the username.

I've read every cosmere book there is (I think), except for Warbreaker, which I'll get around to eventually. I've also read the Skyward series to where its at, the Reckoners, and the kind of elusive Rithmatist. I've heard that there're other books by Brandon, but I think I'll settle for torturing myself out of impatience for the next Stormlight work. In the meanwhile, I like writing fantasy books, ranging from a sort-of-award-winning "The Stellamancer" (it got honorary mention in Scholastic Arts and Writing Comp. Dunno if that counts) to this horrid thing called "Spelltaken" back from 2015 (don't go looking for it. Even if I could get it published I could get sued form at least seven people).

Some people have lifelong dreams to do something or other. Me? I've only wanted to be an author for about a year or so. Since then, I've hammered through fourteen failed editions of what has come to be known as the "Iconar Collective," from which my idea of the Channelknights originate. Look for me anywhere that calls for writing, because if I know about it, then I'm there (Writing Prompts and Responses are one of these).

That being said... Hello from Fadran.

And Welcome to the Cosmere.

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Hello, hello, from one writer to another! I've written more cringe-worthy things than I can count, but I'm currently revising a book I finished in December and am hoping to get some critiques on it in April over at Reading Excuses. 

Isn't writing the most frustrating, fantastic thing ever?

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First off, to @Snakenaps; I can get stuff critiqued at Reading/Writing Excuses?


Then, to @Dreamer, of course I would go to the Valley. I would ask for total fluency in every musical instrument there is: Piano, guitar, flute, ocarina, marimba, violin, whizzing-stick (kid you not that's an instrument). I just have to wonder what the curse would be...

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@Channelknight Fadran 

Yes, you can get writing critiqued over at Reading Excuses! You have the opportunity every week to fill one of the five slots (which isn't typically an issue) and submit via email (so that your writing is floating around the web) up to 5,000 words. By having only five submissions a week, it ensures that everyone is given quality critiques. We have everyone, from sheer beginners, to published authors. 

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