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Spread Some Cheer! Share Your Pet Photos!


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Alright my friends, many of us quarantined, but that doesn't mean this is necessarily a bad thing. Why not share some photos of the ones who are most likely thrilled at this whole situation: our pets? I don't know about you, but animals always cheer me up. 

I'm currently housesitting for a family and taking care of a golden retriever, two cats, two bearded dragons, and three tortoises. Here is a photo of Steve-O the six toed cat and Duncan, the gentlemanly golden. 


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@Smye gotta love my sheep. 



This is Pepper, my border collie aussie mix. 



Leo, Cleo, and Mrs. Cuddles. Leo and Cleo are my aunt's and the other one is my neighbor's. I only have one cat, but Cleo is pregnant so I should get one of her kittens. 



There's more, but this is enough for now at least. :D

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Like Truthless, I haven't got a pet per se.

I found this fellow grazing a couple days ago. They like to come in troops. At this point I don't see deer as a novelty--they're as common as squirrels. But other people seem to think they're cute, so here's a picture of some neighborhood wildlife that likes to call my yard home:



No idea why the picture is so fuzzy, though.

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