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Stormlight Four Tour


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In Brandon's recent YouTube Q&A livestream, he talked about his plans for the Stormlight Four tour; specifically, where he may be going, and what changes will be coming to the format. You can find the segment just before the 2 hour mark in this video: https://youtu.be/MbwmDMwCKrs?t=7183

And even though he says to not quote him several times, I choose to believe he's saying that as an expression to mean the plans are subject to change, so I am going to quote him with impunity below.


What we ended up deciding, for this new tour, if you saw the little poll on our website, overwhelmingly people wanted me to do the longer presentation with a shorter signing. And so that’s what we’re going to do. The plan is, right now, to do five dates in the U.S., three in the U.K., and one in Canada. Don’t quote me on that, though, because we haven’t locked them down. So it’ll be a shorter tour than some of the previous ones I’ve done. That means I’m unlikely to get to all the places that I usually go.

Most likely there will be one Pacific Northwest date. One California date. And maybe one Midwest date and two East Coats dates. Or maybe three East Coast dates. And this is just because touring has gotten so difficult.

And I do need to go to the U.K. So, there will almost assuredly be a signing in London that will use this format. And something up north. I think we’re looking at three dates in the U.K. Which would likely be Leeds and Scotland, maybe? Don’t quote me on that.

Then back to either Toronto or Vancouver for a signing for the Canadians, which I haven’t done in a while.

And the format will be that I would speak for two hours instead of 45 minutes. All the books will be pre-signed. We will have the signing thing in a theater, so it’s more like a presentation, hopefully with nice seats that are comfy. We will have an extended Q&A, an extended reading.

 I will bring, to U.S. dates, Isaac [Stewart]. (I’m not sure, he may want to go to the U.K. also. He has expressed interest in going to the U.K. So there’s a decent chance Isaac will be in the U.K. with me, as well.)

And then, we will have a lottery. Not paid, everyone gets an equal shot, to get a ticket to come get your book personalized. There will be 100 people, most likely, who will get drawn. And you will get two books, which means you may bring a person with you, and get two of your books personalized. Or you may give that away to another person who is there with you. That way, if there are teens or children who win, they can bring their parent along and either get two books, or one with the parent. So, a line of 200 people. Which will take me roughly two and a half hours to get through.

So, all told, theoretically, a signing should only be six and a half hours, instead of eight or nine. It’ll shorten it a little bit for me, and hopefully make it more survivable, long-term.

(It’ll take me about two hours to sign all the books ahead of time.)

This statement does not mention the release party, but in this year's State of the Sanderson, when discussing possible tour changes, Brandon said, "Note that none of these apply to release parties, which will continue to be the insane and enormous extravaganzas you've come to expect."

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Oh good, a Pacific NW date!  I live near Tacoma so it should be in driving distance for me.  The only signing I have attended was Robert Jordan.  A friend got GRRM for me that was about a month after the RJ one. That was soooooo long ago.  I think around 2000?

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31 minutes ago, Holy Kayak said:

Any idea if this thread will be updated with release dates etc? I'm from Ireland so the best shot I have is going to Scotland if possible, would really like the opportunity to go

Given the virus I am not sure he will be touring at all.

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7 minutes ago, Karger said:

Given the virus I am not sure he will be touring at all.

Yea, I thought as much. Well hopefully some other time. It's actually pretty useful having a dedicated forum to tours and singings etc. Should be able to keep an eye out for any future excursions he may take

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7 minutes ago, Steel Inquisitive said:

You've got six more chances after this one! You'll make it eventually:-)

Yup. And thankfully I was able to make it to the Starsight release, which since he didn't tour for that, seems like it may have been Brandons's last Signing for a while...

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So far Brandon has generally avoided answering deep lore questions on his YouTube AMAs. If he and Tor decide not to go on tour due to the pandemic, I wonder if he will host some spoiler-laden AMAs for Rhythm of War, spread out over various time zones, and allow the fan base to bombard him.

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