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Calgary signing in August


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I am going to be going to the signing in August, in Calgary, Alberta. I need a question to ask (and one for my dad as well). anyone have anything properly worded that we really need answered? Also, anyone else going to be going? 




EDIT: Is it going to be transcribed/recorded?

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... Of course, if there's going to be a signing in Canada, it has to be halfway across the country. :P


One question I wouldn't mind having asked is: Does the loss of colour in Awakening directly correlate to the colour lost when a limb is severed by a Shardblade? And if so, can the colour being drained in Awakening be modeled as energy being drawn from or connections being broken in something's Spiritual Aspect?


I know that one's a little awkwardly worded, but I'm trying to avoid loopholes. If he doesn't RAFO it, this should confirm one of my pet theories, which would be awesome. :)

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Thanks for the offer, Khyrindor.


So far as transcription goes, that's entirely a function of whether a Sharder gets a recording and either posts it for another Sharder to help transcribe (the preferred option) or transcribes it him/herself (the masochistic option). Usually we get recordings by (very politely) asking Brandon if we can leave a phone/recording device on the signing table with him.




So... questions.... I have a lot.



Is the "jostling" projectiles suffer as they leave speed bubbles mathematically modelable, or entirely arbitrary?
Does being the donor of a Hemalurgic spike have any implications for your afterlife? Are there a bunch of Scadrian souls wandering the afterlife with holes their personalities/memories/identities?
Could Miles heal back his Allomancy if it was spiked out of him?
You've said that Drabs on Nalthis don't have Innate Investiture: How are they still sentient, then?
Is there any difference between the healing that Feruchemical gold and held-Stormlight can accomplish? Can use of Regrowth accomplish more than Feruchemical gold, such as healing chronic conditions like poor eyesight?
What connection is there between Lifeless and Shard-severed limbs?
What connection is there between the color-draining of Shard-severed limbs and the color-drain of Lifeless/Awakening?
-There's a theory that the color-drain of Awakening is actually the initial Command feeding off energy released when and object's Spiritual connections are broken/an object is Spiritually damaged.
What's the significance of "Zahel's" instructions to Adolin on how to command his Blade when he throws it and the way that Awakening works? Is this some Cosmere-fundamental, or just a quirk of Vasher's particular expertise?
Can a Feruchemist manipulate Identity in such a way that he can make metalminds that anyone else—even a muggle—can tap?
Can a Feruchemist on Nalthis manipulate his Identity such that he can say "Breath return" and steal Breath from someone else's Awakened item?
How long does it take before a newly-made chair starts thinking of itself as a singular object, rather than as just individual components?
Why did Syl turn into a hammer during Kaladin's fight with Szeth? A hammer might be better against Plate, perhaps, but not against squishy flesh.
If a bunch of pieces of wood in the depths of space (without anyone watching) happened to drift into and stick to each other to form a chair, would that object think of itself as a "chair", or even as a singular object?
Can iron/steel affect metal on the otherside of a bendalloy/cadmium bubble, similarly can emotional allomancy affect people on the other side?
Does metal have to be in an allomancer's for a leecher to effect it? Or just inside a human? Or just inside a living thing? If Inquisitors could theoretically burn their spikes does that mean a leecher could also affect them?
Could Ruin puppeteer any lifeless that had a single hemalurgic spike implanted?
What would happen to a Kandra with two sets of Blessing spikes (like TenSoon) who was bisected such that one set ended up in each half?
-What about a Kandra with just the two spikes who got one in each half?
:RAFO Bait:
Nightblood eats Investiture: So what would happen if you threw him into a highstorm, or into the mists on Scadrial?
What is Lerasium's Feruchemical effect?
Are there such things as "Feruchemical savants"? Was Miles one, a "savant" in Feruchemical gold?
Do Cognitive aspects generally include people's clothing to some extent?
-To what extend to do people's Cognitive selves include their clothing?
Why did Jasnah's combat-soulcasting of the alley thugs affect the clothing of some of them but not of others?
Did some "ideal" of what it is to be human act upon TLR such that he still aged, despite the possibility  that he ought to have been able to get away with a Cognitive view as immortal and unaging?
Are "ideals" in the Spiritual Realm responsible for why symbols on Sel have magical meaning, like how it's "known" by the Dor that AonAon represents Arelon?
Are "ideals" in the Spiritual Realm the reason why "instinctive Awakening" works, or why specific Command phrases are "discovered" rather than Awakeners being capable of formulating new ones out of whole cloth?
Do Soulcasters draw upon some kind of "ideals" in the Spiritual Realm when they transform a material, such as an "ideal" (or "Essence", in this case) of blood when soulcasting something into blood?
What exactly was Shai's Soulforging of Ashraven comparing itself to to see how well it sticks? His Spiritual aspect? Cognitive aspect? The totality of other people's conceptions of him?
How, exactly, does Hemalurgic decay work for Feruchemy? Do Inquisitors have a cap on how much they can store at a time, or do they "waste" Health when they store (so they'd be lying around at 80% health but only storing 10%, for instance), or do they draw it out less efficiently than real Feruchemists?
Why does Feruchemical Gold sometimes leave scars and sometimes not?
So what's up with frame of reference for time bubbles?
-Who's decides what "still is"? The bubbler? The bubble? The object the bubble is "anchored" to? The objects in the bubble?
Are Feruchemical attributes stored in the Physical metal of metalminds, or in their Spiritual aspects?
Is there any meaningful difference between the metalminds of a Feruchemists who stores 10% weight for 10 hours in the first metalmind, and then 100% for 1 hour in a second metalmind?
Would an embedded Brass metalmind melt at high temperatures? What about one that's completely buried in the skin?
-Me: Probably: Water in your stomach oughtn't to boil away
If Dalinar were a Feruchemist, would he be able to tap a metalmind (in either world) while experiencing one of his visions?
Does the Blessing of Presence help a Kandra against takeover by emotional Allomancy, or only against Ruin?
-Me: Probably both.

Could you please explain how Feruchemical brass goes about being a "Cognitive" metal? I know you had to retcon it in, and had originally intended it to be a physical metal, but how does it work Realmatically as Cognitive?


To pick one, I would probably be most interested to know if Miles could heal back spiked-out magical abilities using his existing reserves. That one has some implications for infinite-magic potential.


Another is any "Form" question: The most generally awesome one to get nailed down would be "Are the Ideals that flamespren draw upon the same types of things that regulate the 'plausibility' of Forgeries and the beauty-definitions of Returned? What about the composition of Soulcast items, TLR's lack of immortality, or the way that Commands in BioChroma are 'discovered'?"

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I have my usual set of questions for situations like these :P.


1. Is entering a Shardpool of a Splintered Shard different from entering the Shardpool of a non-Splintered Shard?


2. Can Shardpools function in the same way as an Oathgate, transporting someone where they wish to go?


3. Are Shardpools a gateway between the Cognitive Realm and the Physical Realm, or can they function that way?


4. If all of the Aons in existence entered Devotion's Shardpool, what would happen?

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I am going to be going to the signing in August, in Calgary, Alberta. I need a question to ask (and one for my dad as well). anyone have anything properly worded that we really need answered? Also, anyone else going to be going? 




EDIT: Is it going to be transcribed/recorded?


You could certainly bring a recorder, and ask politely to leave it on the table by Brandon.  He's usually pretty cool with that. 

I really want to know who all the back 5 PoV characters are.  I know Jasnah, Renarin, "Taln" but who is the fifth? :)

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Who can burn Malatium? Atium Mistings? Gold Mistings? A specifically Malatium Misting? Or is it something only for Mistborn?

You have four Allomancers in a straight line, A, B, C, D. A burns tin, C burns Copper and Bronze, B and D burn Bronze. B is just inside the Coppercloud, directly between A and C. D is just outside, such that the cloud is between him and A. Who can sense A? (Yes, I know, long, confusing and wordy).

Can one purposely distort the shape of one's coppercloud/timebubble into say an ellipse? Add a deep dent or long outstretched tentacle to one side? And can one change the size of them to a certain degree?

Also, I second Kurk's question on whether Miles can heal back the loss of his Allomancy.

Edit: Forgot this one. With the Blessing of Potency, one has boundless energy and increased physical strength. What is the source of the Investiture powering this? Can it run out?

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C burns Copper and Bronze,


I'm sure it's been confirmed somewhere that you cannot burn both copper and bronze at the same time. Also, as far as B is concerned, I believe I've read WoB that if a Seeker is inside a coppercloud, he cannot sense anything. D sensing A is the interesting one.

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...August, in Calgary, Alberta


Not-soon-enough in not-Chicago, not-Illinois. Sadface.


If it's an option, bringing a recorder or a smartphone and leaving it on the table with Brandon is fine with him. He also doesn't mind if you find a spot near the table and listen to people's questions and comments - I've been able to slip a question or three this way, taking whatever they asked and asking for specific clarifications. You might even be able to shoot a question of your own if somebody in the line takes their time and Brandon is just sitting there, doing nothing. Finally, staying after the event and quickly firing 10-15 questions for a few seconds each is also okay - it's how I get most of my questions answered. It's best if you can choose only questions whose answers are short - yes/no, few words, a name, etc.

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I'm sure it's been confirmed somewhere that you cannot burn both copper and bronze at the same time. Also, as far as B is concerned, I believe I've read WoB that if a Seeker is inside a coppercloud, he cannot sense anything. D sensing A is the interesting one.


You're the bronze-master, but I don't recall any such confirmation. There was a bunch of people arguing that it should be impossible and bringing in some (not-very-persuasive-to-me) quotes from the books to try and support that, but I don't recall any WoB.

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