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Orem Public Library, Oct 25 [Orem, UT]


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Well that was fun.

Due to other obligations, I missed basically everything before the signing, so I'll be looking forward to seeing other people post recaps.  I did get one good question in, though.  (I have more, but I'm saving them for the Skyward release.)


Q: So Taravangian's changes happen during the night, while he sleeps?

A: Yeah.

Q: Has he ever thought to pull an all-nighter and see what happens?

A: Yes, and it still happens.

Q: He changes, while he's awake and conscious for it?

A: Yes.

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Great stuff at the signing. I uploaded the audio I captured to Arcanum, so y'all can start transcribing it. It was great to see so many sharders there! Everything I asked should be on the audio, but I'll share some fun stuff right now.

One of my questions:


Q: Could "Warren and Otsman Detention Enterprises" be called WODE at a later date?

A: Yes; it definitely could (while giving a large smile)

And we finally got the Bridge 4 salute on video! Thanks to @Firerust for letting me film him.


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On 10/26/2018 at 7:53 AM, Firerust said:

Oh, dang. Face and voice reveal.

Meh, I suppose it was bound to happen at some point.


At least I was able to make it to the event, though it was SUPER last minute, even if I now suffer for it from being behind in sleep and homework. WORTH IT.

Definitely! Going to a Brandon event is always worth getting behind on sleep and homework! 

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