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The Well of Descension


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Mahz stepped into the shack, looking around nervously. There was an old woman with glasses sitting at the table in the center of the room across from him. He sat down and stared awkwardly at the woman for several minutes. Finally, he decided to break the silence. "Can you tell me where I am?" The old lady chuckled.

"Of course. But first, allow me to ask you why you've come here?" This didn't make Mahz any less confused. But he knew what the answer had to be.

"I'm here to gain the power to kill the person who murdered my brother." The woman smiled.

"Well in that case, I think we can help. I'm here to offer you a job. We'll train you for about six months, and then let you go out on your own to complete it-although with all of our resources at your disposal, of course."

"Will that give me enough power?"

"Oh no, of course not. That man was trained personally by Nalan, whatever training or resources we could give you in six months wouldn't be nearly enough. But once you succeed on our mission, it will be just about the easiest thing you've ever done." Mahz smiled. 

"Alright. What am I doing?" 

"Many years ago, a powerful man trapped himself in with an equally powerful being. We believe we've found a way to control this being. Now all we need is for someone to let it out."


Hello, and welcome to my thread! This is intended to be a new main plot, centered around Mahz and his team trying to release the guardian of the Worldspike and putting it under the control of the Liebrarians. During the actual main thing, he will have become an expert awakener with about 2000 breaths because of his boon. I haven't gotten to that point already because I want to see if anyone is interested in being on my team and also to give Voidus a chance to escape if he wants to. So for the record, Mahz will be an edgelord ninja type awakener when this begins in earnest.

And the Liebrarian looks like my profile picture without the mustache.


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Jonas yelped, the light was bright. Especially for a Tineye. He scurried away.


*regretting playing a non-fighter*

Can someone take Jonas under their wing and make him... I dunno, competent?




Can Klasten take Jonas under his wing or would that be a violation of Klasten's ways?

If not...



If Archer says no, can Jonas become a Craftsman?

If not...

Then I give up.


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7 hours ago, BitBitio said:

Can Klasten take Jonas under his wing or would that be a violation of Klasten's ways?


At the moment, Klasten is poorly armed, mourning the loss of his horse, and his only special power is spotting tropes and clichés. I'm pretty sure even a Tineye could beat him in a fight. But I'm sure he could teach you some... rope tricks? Campfire songs? Maybe some defensive horse riding techniques? If you're looking to get combat training, whatever the Craftsmen are offering is probably more useful. But if you want, we can do a training montage sometime. 

Klasten poofed into existence, having teleported from the Canton. "I can smell a developing quest a mile away," he announced. "It seemed prudent to pop by to make sure no wizards try to interfere. I can't stand wizards."

He pulled a wollaping stick from his bag and looked around for wizards. 

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I suppose that since this is a main plot, I can have my character do other stuff then meet up with yalls later?

Ioc appeared over an ocean with a flash of beige mist that dissapated soon after leaving its body. Ioc sighed deeply, remaining hovered in the air, glowing faintly with stormlight. Ioc liked this place. This version of earth was… clean. As opposed to the Epic earth, where the entire world was covered in ruins, and the Rithmatist world, where the entire earth was covered in dusty chalk lines. No, this Earth was physically the cleanest.

But, of course, it was covered in lies.

Ioc inhaled more stormlight from its bag, sighing inward. It Lashed itself downward, so it fell towards the water, then Lashed itself to the side, to the water was an ocean wall. It fell for several minutes like this, thinking hard and fast with the help of Feruchemical Mental Speed.

The volleyball in question, supposedly named Wilson, had been floating in the ocean for a little more than a decade. Surely it had found land again. Ioc doubted it had sunk before it reached land, what with three gigantic continents that divided the ocean into smaller pieces.

Ioc had found the volleyball with Feruchemical Connection. It had bumped a passing stranger and had, out of curiosity, tapped Duralumin. And that stranger had been the first glimpse at the wonders of this volleyball. Over several years, Ioc had studied this ball, looking for why it was so missed.

Ioc hadn’t found the reason, of course. But that was probably because Ioc had had other things on its plate.

‘No, that’s not why!’ Prefrontal Cortex exclaimed. ‘You know the reason. It’s because of a fictional movie! This volleyball isn’t real!’

‘Don’t be ridiculous,’ Subconscious said with a smirk. ‘If it’s not real, then why did so many people become sad when it floated away? It has to be real. Besides, I’ve never been able to follow an object’s course with connection before. Real or not real, this volleyball’s a scientific wonder!’

‘But-’ Prefrontal Cortex began but was interrupted by Somatosensory Cortex, who decked the front of Ioc’s immense brain.

Thankfully, Somatosensory cortex had learned how to punch other brain members without directly controlling Ioc’s arms. It didn’t do much good, of course, but Ioc always thought of the practice as satisfying.

Ioc smiled to itself, then froze. It was nearing land.

Ioc fell towards a beautiful, lush green landscape decorated by mountains and valleys, complete with a stunning, perfectly timed sunrise behind it all. On top of that, the scene’s position below Ioc made the entire thing even more spectacular.

And Ioc grumbled the entire fall towards it.

“Darn” It mumbled. “Someone must have already found the darn thing,”

The F-Duralumin path lead directly to the island. That couldn’t be good.

It would either be the worst thing ever, or it could be fun though.

As Ioc’s falling body crested the shoreline, Ioc canceled it’s Lashings and fell towards the earth in a curvy motion. Ioc hit the ground, grunting slightly, then it surveyed the scene.

Then, Ioc realized that it had already examined the scene as it was falling. Ioc smiled as one more item was checked off its list.

It began to whistle, following the thick black line off the beach and into the forest.

It wasn’t very far in when Ioc found the corpse.

A body, still bleeding from a wound in its chest, lay nestled in the bulging roots of a grand tree, as if feeding the oaken wood with its blood.

Ioc whistled as it thought of that metaphor. Pretty gruesome, that one was. Ioc felt as though it’s metaphors were getting more and more violent.

Ioc knelt next to the body, checking for a pulse.

‘Idiot,’ Association Cortex admonished. ‘Can’t you see it’s got a GIGANTIC HOLE IN HIS CHEST?’

‘A hole in his chest…’ Subconscious mused. ‘How would that happen…?’

Then, Ioc understood. And then it hated everything about the situations it always landed in.

‘Really?’ Subconscious shouted. ‘Why would a storming Inquisitor want a volleyball named Wilson?’

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Atticus laughed at Jonas's fear. He then turned and shouted. "I'M HERE TO HELP THE LIEBRARIANS! HOW CAN I DO THIS?" He then plunked down on the floor and pulled off his helmet, revealing his scarred face and inky black eyes. He then took a chunk of the metal from the door and ate it. "Don't worry, I'm a space marine. We have acid spit."

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Tena appeared next to Klasten a moment after he blinked into existence. She burned a little steel and checked for any bear traps; she didn't know if this Klasten was the real one either. After pacing the area and scanning everything with her eyes, she confirmed to her paranoia that no shades, Inquistors, Returned, Dakhor monks, Elantrians, Voidbinders, etc. etc. where placed anywhere nearby. She did a double flip to be sure, then took a knife from its sheath at her waist and began to sharpen it with a whetstone. Once she was done with that, she took out her silver claws, waved them around a little to be certain that no shades felt like eating her soul, and then started sharpening those too.

The man who had said he was a space marine was sort of getting on her nerves- but then again, when did they not?- but the more hesitant guy wasn't bothering her. "My name is Tena," she said to the open air. "For anyone who wanted to know." She gestured at Klasten with her claws and continued, "That handsome man is Klasten. Yes, that was sarcasm."

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The Liebrarian chuckled. "I see some of your team has arrived, Mahz." Mahz just stared at the odd people who had arrived. "Klasten, there are, luckily, no wizards here. Only us. Everyone who plans to join in our crusade, come follow me. All will be explained, and you will have a chance to wrap up any loose ends before commiting."


Any secrets will be told in the liebrary channel on the alleyverse discord because we don't use it for anything else. If someone wants, I'd be open to one person coming down and learning about the goal and deciding eventually to go against us once they learn the whole plot. No pressure to follow right now if you want to be involved in this, there will be more chances. Also, it might not have been clear, but this was intended to be about fifteen years and six months after the war, give or take some time. Not that I mind a lack of continuity :P.

Mahz followed.

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Tena followed the Liebrarian, her brain screaming 80s rock/70s disco lyrics at the top its lungs. Part of her brain was cowering in fear at this new development, but another part, a greater part, was jamming out thoughtlessly. She hummed the tune of Hungry Like the Wolf as she followed behind Klasten, still alert for any traps or other things that could fly out at her from high speeds.

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Ioc knew the Inquisitor would be tough to beat. These weren’t the cute little spike monsters Scadrial had born, raised, and killed. No, those were mainly extinct inside that stupid planet, and nonexistent outside of it. No these were creatures who saw the Scadrial Inquisitors, laughed loudly, then proceeded to spike themselves with every power imaginable, each power the Alleyverse had to offer.

Some of them were spiked with certain powers twice or more. Storms, Ioc hated those things.

However, it did enjoy their cookies.

Ioc hovered in the air, partially behind a tree, gazing with growing dissatisfaction at the storming fortress in front of it. Likely, this Inquisitor had found trouble somewhere in the cosmere and needed a place to heal. Once it had found Earth (Alcatraz) the Inquisitor had likely just stayed here. It was, after all, the weakest of the Alleyverse worlds (Although definitely the least boring). Also, no one would be able to dispute a castle on the shores of Dino Land.

The volleyball-connection-lines ran straight into the castle. The Inquisitor had likely found the darn thing and kept it.

Ioc sighed. The castle was made of thick black plastic, not a hint of metal in sight, except for, of course, the aluminum hinges on the fifteen-foot-high gate. It would be impossible to Push or Pull on any of it, but, Ioc assumed, the plastic would be hardened and conditioned to be almost as strong as metal. This Inquisitor was smart.

Ioc sighed. Well, it definitely didn’t want to fight the darn thing, for the Inquisitor would most likely be more powerful than Ioc. Ioc didn’t have access to every form of investiture, but this Inquisitor almost surely would.

Ioc sighed again. It was getting tiring, calling the Inquisitor ‘The Inquisitor’. Ioc decided to name the Inquisitor. The Inquisitor’s name was now Arnold.

For some reason, Ioc especially liked that name. It made Ioc think of a toy piglet for some reason.

Ioc smiled, then Lashed itself towards the steep castle walls. The walls were so steep, it was, like, 90 degrees or something.

‘Idiot,’ Prefrontal Cortex said.

‘Why do you hate me?’ Subconscious said. ‘I would storm off right now, but I can’t, so I’m just gonna mute you ok? I gotta focus,’


‘Aaaaaaand I’m muting you too,’ Subconscious murmured. ‘Anyone else?’

The brain was silent, as was the natural state of Ioc’s cranium.

‘Good. Now, everyone shut up,’ Subconscious said.

Ioc hit the plastic walls, running down it like it was, like, not a wall. Ioc pulled a Szeth-son-son-Vallano, Truthless of Shinovar, and flipped over the battlements of the wall with a series of Lashings, landing on the opposite surface of the wall as if it was like, not a wall.

Ioc ran down this part of the wall, now touching the floor inside the castle. Ioc Lashed itself back down to earth, realized it didn't need to do that because gravity would already do that for it, then canceled its Lashings with a puff of stormlight.

Then, Ioc looked up and saw the Inquisitor standing not two feet away from it.

Arnold was a tall fellow, the perfect picture of an all-powerful person. There were spikes through the eyes, much like the common picture of a Steel Inquisitor, but Arnold also had a series of other facial spikes that normal Inquisitors did not have. In each earlobe, dozens of earrings lay pierced, and that in itself almost made Ioc chuckle from the irony of it all. But even for ridiculous was the thick long spike that pierced the top of the skull like a dorsal fin and another that stock out the back of its throat. Ioc suspected the top of that particular spike would be somewhere in the respiratory tubes in its face.

This thought did make Ioc giggle, even though it tried to suppress it. The Inquisitor didn’t move, however, so Ioc stopped trying to suppress it and LOL’d.

Once it was done, Ioc glanced over at the Inquisitor, who still hadn’t moved. Ioc cocked his head, then nudged Arnold in the chest.

Arnold fell over like a cardboard cut out of an Inquisitor because Ioc could now see that was what it was.

Ioc looked up at the castle as an alarm sounded, and a real Arnold flew from the citadel.

‘Darn,’ Amygdala said. ‘You know, we really should learn to stop falling for that. Well, you know what time it is?’

Ioc smiled, then reached into its pocket. Ioc pulled out a tiny version of the Heart of Silver, the ship Ioc had commandeered borrowed.

Ioc was still confused why the darn thing kept disappearing, shrinking, and hiding in Ioc’s pocket. Ioc suspected it had something to do with the fact that the more and more the IID did that, the more and more likely the IID would stop, and thus the IID kept doing it.

Oh, well. Ioc hadn’t bothered to correct the ship. Not this time.

But, of course, Ioc would send it to its room later.

Arnold, the inquisitor landed a short distance from Ioc. She looked Iioc over, a slight frown on her lips.

Ioc’s brain went into shutdown mode.

‘Arnold is a girl?!’ Hippocampus exclaimed. ‘But… but… that goes completely against our stereotype that all Inquisitors are male! We can’t hit a girl!’

Ioc sighed. “Look,” it said. “I only want the volleyball,”

Arnoldette cocked her head. “What volleyball?”

“Oh, you’re gonna play dumb. I see,” Ioc paused. “No offense, or anything. I’m sure you’re not actually dumb. Please accept my sincerest apologies-”

Ioc was cut off as something weird happened. Meaning, Arnoldette blurred, then ran forward su[a fast, punched Ioc in the face with supa big muscles, continued running with Ioc’s face glued to her fist, and started punching the plastic wall. Through Ioc’s head, of course. Or, actually, the pancake of blood and brains that used to bee Ioc’s head.

Arnoldette stepped back, looking over her handiwork. Ioc would have loved to let her admire it, Ioc was definitely and lady’s being, but if Ioc didn’t heal fast enough, it would die. So, torn between two amazing options, Ioc chose the one that would allow it to spend more time with Arnoldette.

As she snarled at Ioc, however, it was clear it had made the wrong choice.

“I’m sorry!” Ioc yelled as Arnoldette pulled out axes bigger than the ones in Ioc’ purse. “I didn’t mean it, honestly! I just want to ask your number!”

Arnoldette paused, with the axes raised over her head. Then, she shook her head. “You disgust me,” she said.

Ioc fainted. For a split second, before it healed from the shock, Ioc’s vision blurred and blackened.

Once Ioc could see clearly, Ioc started to cry.  “You mean… you’re dumping me? But what did I do?”

Arnoldette raised an eyebrow. “Well, You’re a stranger, and you trespassed my private property, which I’ve worked very hard to commandeer borrow,” she said.

Ioc narrowed it’s sweating eyes. “There’s another guy, isn’t there?” Ioc accused. “You’re in love with another, aren’t you?”

Arnoldette looked utterly confused. “Wha-”

“Fine,” Ioc said, standing from where it had fallen. “If I can’t have you, nobody can,”

Then, Ioc threw the tiny Heart of Silver directly at her open mouth. Ioc had learned this trick at the same place where it had learned about different mind personas, and the mind thing had obviously worked…

Arnoldette blurred with speed and snatched the ship from midair. She held it up to her eye. “What is this?” she asked, bemused.

Ioc snarled. “My last goodbye,” It said, then braced itself for something dramatic.

Nothing happened.

Ioc frowned. “Huh,” Ioc apologized. “You know, that usually works,”

“What does it do?” Arnoldette asked, curious.

“Well,” Ioc said, tensing for something awesome, “You’re about to find out,”

Nothing happened.

“Well,” Arnoldette said, “This is thoroughly stupid,”

“I’m sorry,” Ioc said again. “It’s supposed to work. I’m such an idiot,”

In that instant, the Heart of Silver, which was still gripped in Arnoldette’s hand, expanded to its actual size in a matter of milliseconds. Meaning, Arnoldette’s hand was ripped apart and she was thrown aside by a hunk o’ steel. Ioc immediately Lashed itself upward and away from the ship, sighing as it clanked against the hard plastic wall in the place where it would have crushed it.

Out of the corner of its eye, Ioc saw Arnoldette flying towards it, glowing with stormlight, as her hand healed.

‘Well,’ Subconscious whispered, ‘I still love you. Even if we have to fight, and even if it’s entirely your fault, I will love you to the end. Now, let’s kill each other Romeo and Juliet style!’

‘Romeo and Juliet didn’t kill each other-’ Prefrontal Cortex began.

And Ioc lashed itself towards Arnoldette, grinning like the joker as pulled out a knife.

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followed who?

Ioc fell through the air without three of its limbs, both ears, an eye, and much of its nose cartilage.


Ioc healed as it fell, regrowing everything to the hairs on its hairy legs, then sighed as Arnoldette slashed through its legs again.

Ioc swerved, backtracking in its flight, temporarily throwing off Arnoldette. She cursed as its legs regrew.

Ioc had been fighting the love of its life for several hours. It was getting low on supplies, the only thing still in high supply being it’s Breath, which it hardly ever used, and it’s stormlight, which Ioc had in ridiculously high supply. However, the stormlight ran out frequently.

That was bad.

Ioc could see Arnoldette falling after it, and Ioc’s heart fluttered. She really was falling for it, wasn’t she?

‘You’re an idiot,’ Prefrtonal Cortex admonished.

‘You know, that wasn’t really an admonishing,’ Association Cortex pointed out. ‘More  of a ‘snort’, maybe’

Prefrontal Cortex sighed.

Ioc paused in it’s falling, then immediately grew Amberite along it’s back and revered its Lashings, hopefully, to smash into Arnoldette’s oncoming form. Ioc also tapped the last of its Nicrosil and Pulled on Arnoldette’s spikes so she couldn’t dodge. However, this was the last time Ioc would be able to do that.


There was a sickening smack as Arnoldette smashed into the Amberite, and Ioc saw her fall back towards the castle. However, just before she hit the ground, she burst alight with blue fire and shot back up at it. Ioc frowned at her. Surely she had used up all of her tricks? Ioc was waiting for that to happen.

When you had access to every Investiture and had no bounds, you were a threat.

However, when you had access to most investiture but you never could use it all at once, forcing you to be creative, you were more than a threat.

You were dangerous.

Ioc’s musings were cut short as Arnoldette shot a ball of vines at Ioc.

‘Hey, that’s pretty,’ Thalamus swooned. ‘Oh, I love nature,’

‘FOCUS!’ Cerebellum cried.

‘Too late,’ Hypothalamus said. ‘The vines already hit us, destroying our Amberite and causing us a great deal of pain. It probably didn’t cause her very much pain, because she was spiked with, like ten Verdants,’

‘Don’t exaggerate, you fool,’ Association Cortex warned. ‘Don’t you realize that it is always better to be accurate than funny?’

‘What?’ Amygdala challenged. ‘Since when is that a rule?’

Ioc shook itself free of its stupor to find itself free-falling towards the ground. Ioc burst alight with stormlight, absorbing quite alot of it, making the stormlight stores fall much lower than Ioc liked, and Ioc disappeared.

For an instant, Ioc came into existence in the middle of the Alleystorm so that it’s investiture reserves would fill up again.

Ioc teleported back to the battle, having only been gone for a couple seconds. Ioc looked around, ready to fight.

But where was Arnoldette?

Ioc turned to see Arnoldette, crouched by the thick plastic wall, scratching the wall with a stick of white chalk. A straight line.

And Ioc noticed a couple lumps on Arnoldette’s forearms. Spikes.

Rithmatist spikes.

The Line of forbiddance was finished and an impenetrable wall shot out from the line of chalk.

Unfortunately, it was horizontal.

It was also facing Ioc.

‘Oof,’ Somatosensory Cortex said as a thick top of the wall slammed into only a small area of Ioc’s body, forcing Ioc’s vertebrae to strain dangerously. The, something stopped Ioc’s forward motion, putting Ioc’s body between a cutting blade between an invisible wall.

Ioc instantly knew that the wall it had run into was just another Line of Forbiddance.

‘Shoot!’ Amygdala yelled. ‘How were we just taken down by Rithmatism? Our reputation can't take that!’

‘That approach was a lot smarter than our own,’ Hippocampus noted. ‘Remeber the Seven Day War? Yeah, that was a sad day. Well, a sad Seven Days. Actually, I'm not sure how many days it was. Also, we should probably teleport out of this,’

Ioc complied, popping out and back into existence. Ioc healed in mid-air, panting in Aroldette’s direction.

This was gonna be a long fight.

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