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Hi, I think


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Ah, I'm sorry, but you seem not to have followed correct protocol. You see, you were supposed to say hi in both the title and the content, and it was supposed to be either the only word of the title or the fourth syllable and third word. I'm willing to let it by with a warning this time, but make sure to read the rules that I just made up and have never been posted.

(kidding, obviously)

Which books have you read? 

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Wow! I really didn´t expect much from "introducing my self". Seems I´ve had bad previous xperiences with other forums. I already love you guys.

And yeah I´ve already figured Kidpen was joking.

Ok so to answer all your questions

MetaTerminal: I´ve been reading about the Cosmere since 2012. Though I still have some books left to read and only now I am jumping into the world of theories and what not.

Kidpen: Elantris, Warbreaker, Mistborn (all books except Secret History and Bands of Mourning), StormlightArchive (I´m halfway through Oathbringer and Edgedancer just arrived to my door). And of course that means I haven´t read White Sand, SfSitFoH, Arcanum Unbounded, The Emperor´s Soul & First of the Sun

Rebecca: A tough one...Rock, TenSoon aaand Galladon

[EDIT: and Wayne]

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