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Writers Radiant

Ookla the Glossy

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Orders, spren, and Surges: (Known Ideals and resonances listed in PM once you join)


Roleplayers - wordspren (swarm of black letters and symbols)

Worldbuilders - ideaspren (puff of multicolored mist)

Essaypersuaders - thesispren (bookshelves made of various materials, in their respective colors; only move when no one is looking, so no one actually knows how they move)

Languageteachers - letterspren (one specific letter in one specific color; can be any letter or color)

Pastrememberers - factspren (very small cube that rolls to move; white)

Spellcheckers - sentencespren (instead of verbally speaking, what they say is formed in letters on a nearby surface)

Bookbinders - titlespren (pages of paper, white with black text that cannot be made out)

Lettertypers - keyspren (mini keyboards whose keys depress and un-press, and glide across surfaces)

Lyriccreators - tunespren (a few spinning music notes that teleport small distances to move)

Poetrysingers - stanzaspren (small people that move normally [can grow to normal size during times of Ideal-swearing, like Syl])


Editing - lets Radiant alter reality in a small way (Spellcheckers, Bookbinders)

Rhyming - lets Radiant identify things similar to other things (Lyriccreators, Poetrysingers)

Geography - allows Radiant to always know where they and their spren are and to have an awareness of what and who is around them (Worldbuilders, Pastrememberers)

Calligraphy - Radiant is unusually persuasive, diplomatic, and well-versed when using this Surge (Lettertypers, Poetrysingers)

Education - allows Radiant to impart knowledge to another swiftly and/or at a distance (Languageteachers, Spellcheckers)

Cohesion - sealing things together, including intangible things (Roleplayers, Bookbinders)

Mathematics - Radiant is especially good with numbers and probability when using this Surge (Lyriccreators, Essaypersuaders)

Characterization - gives Radiant the ability to change aspects of who they or other sapient beings are (Roleplayers, Pastrememberers)

Conceptualization - gives Radiant the ability to make something they think real (Essaypersuaders, Worldbuilders)

Reconstruction - lets Radiant reverse time up to around ten minutes and live through it; they keep their memories but no one else does (Languageteachers, Lettertypers)


Short History:

For years, the Voidspammers have been attacking the Shardworld of Eceli. It contains two Shards, Creativity and Advertisement. The Voidspammers come and try to convert people to the side of Advertisement. However, long ago, the world was protected by the Writers Radiant. These people were of Creativity, and could create all of the wonderful things that make staying against Advertisement worth it. However, one day, the Writers Radiant disappeared. The world has been nearly overrun with Voidspammers now, with only a few small outposts of those faithful to Creativity. But now, it seems that a new order of Creativity may be arriving...

Current Characters:



Ieiea Tylei, Roleplayer of the Second Ideal

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Spren: Phrase


Edrys, Pastrememberer

Spren: Dreya


Fred, Poetrysinger

Gender: Male


Adylade, Lyriccreator of the Second Ideal

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Spren: Coda


Cade Meisan, Bookbinder of the First Ideal

Gender: Male

Spren: The Last of the First

Blessing of Potency:

Haven, Worldbuilder

Gender: Female

Spren: Jenla


Davis, Worldbuilder of the Second Ideal

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Spren: Cirrus


Philip, Spellchecker

Gender: Male

Spren: Pharaoh


Alex, Roleplayer

Spren: Char


Jalrund, Lettertyper of the Second Ideal

Spren: Sahre


Anthony Scarletblood, Spellchecker of the Third Ideal

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Spren: Dusk


Anna Tymonis, Worldbuilder of the Second Ideal 

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Spren: Anvil


Sean Hearthac, Lettertyper of the First Ideal

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Spren: Kai


Merran Ovadis, Worldbuilder of the First Ideal

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Spren: Eddington

Brightness Warrior:

Qhynenn Phallestrade, Spellchecker of the Second Ideal

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Spren: Mevryn


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4 hours ago, Life&Death said:

Can I join?

Anyone can. Just put your character here! :)

On 8/20/2018 at 3:18 PM, MetaTerminal said:

Is there a reason Reconstruction isn’t a Pastrememberer surge? Other than that, this is a great list.

I made that one after the Pastrememberers had their Surges. :P Would you like to join?

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Nice! I’ve always wanted to create a veteran character!

Lirion, languageteacher of the 4th ideal, has been for a while now. Is having trouble with the fifth.

47 years old


Personality: Classic old guy, has been stuck on 4th ideal for 30 years now. Sometimes wishes he was another order. Has a cane, doesn’t need it.

Spren: Hsiz, come as a little green lowercase ‘o’.


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2 minutes ago, AonEne said:

That would make sense. There could always be another group of survivors as well, hiding from the Voidspammers, and then they could meet up and have a scene like we did with the Atlas gang...

Scratch that, I can go without. :P

Not another Atlas! That was really weird.

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