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Initially i disliked Siri's pov then it got better overtime(cause Sanderson wrote his best romance here) and Vivenna was just so self-righteous at the start it was so annoying(she got humbled so it got better).

I suppose at the start-middle would be Vashers. Then mid-late would be Vivenna's and Siri respectively/

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On 11/29/2018 at 9:36 AM, Quantus said:

Lightsong by a wide margin, though I do enjoy any time Nightblood in on stage.    Lightsong in general, and his interactions with his Priest in particular, are some of my favorite in the entire Cosmere. 

That was definitely one of the classic Brandon Blew Me Away moments for me.

"You were my brother. ... I knew that if a man like you were chosen to Return - a man who had died to save another - then the Iridescent Tones were real. You gave me back my faith, Stennimar. You are a god. To me, at least. It has to do with who you are and what you mean."

That, just minutes after Llarimar exploded at the god he served, shouting "what is wrong with you?!" and ranting about how once again, he was getting into trouble for something stupid that Lightsong/Stennimar had done and dragged him into.

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On 12/13/2019 at 9:09 AM, Quantus said:

Lightsong all day long.  Specifically any time Loghtsong and and his Priest are absolute Gold.

The early parts where he annoys Llarimar by being frivolous was so much fun!

And the middle parts where he suddenly thinks he was a detective was fun (meanwhile, Llarimar clearly knows who/what he was before Returning, but doesn't give anything away)

And then the bomb when, while caged with him and Blushweaver, he explodes at him that he used to be a "Colors-cursed scribe" for a moneylender, who "was just as much of an idiot as you are now" who always got him (Llarimar) into trouble and was doing it AGAIN, that was comedy gold!

...And then suddenly, immediately, instantly after that, the shocking murder of Blushweaver, which destroys Lightsong, and his never-firm belief in a divine reason behind the Returned...

...and Llarimar's emotional revelation that Lightsong had been his brother, recounting the day he died and Returned saving his daughter.

I must say, I didn't see that coming. What's with all this dust in the room suddenly, it's making my eyes water.

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