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8 minutes ago, Ham_Boan said:

Hey guys, I want to get some ideas for some fan art with a medium of wood. I do have access to most tools, I just need ideas on what to make. Any suggestions would much appreciated! Thanks !

A wood-burned map of Scadrial done after the style in the Mistborn Leatherbound Editions would be pretty cool.


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Welcome! Symbols are popular, aons and allomancy and the like. I've always thought a wood burned silhouette of Kredik Shaw would be cool, if complicated. Or maybe make some boxings out of wood. Or a map from one of the books. Or a chalkling. Or make a spren. 

Or Stick. OUT OF WOOD. (Genius idea right there :lol:)

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7 hours ago, QuirkyGrandpa said:

Cool, woodworking :3. Don't have a lot of talent for that myself. All I can carve are ducks :lol:. As an artist myself I am very curious what you come up with though.

I recommend pyrography - it's mostly just tracing! :D

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12 hours ago, Snorkel said:

Oh, I think I was confusing, I'm not the original poster, just someone else who wandered by, and has done some pyrography in the past.

My bad! You both haven't changed your profile picture yet ^_^. That's what I get for being visual and not reading the names ;). 

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