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What's your ringtone song?

Mai Davika

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@Mai Davika I really like the song Sound and Vision by David Bowie as my ringtone, it can ring for the full 30 seconds for an incoming call and never quite get to the point where Bowie starts singing.

But I guess it really depends on what kind of effect you are going for, what type of ringtone are you looking to have?

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My personal requirement is that it can't have any lyrics/vocals, I only like ringtones that are purely instrumental. I change mine relatively frequently (once or twice a year, which is rather frequent for a ringtone.) Currently it is the start of "Hot air balloon" by Owl City. It has a nice subtle start that builds later.

Like @hoiditthroughthegrapevine said, it really depends on your tastes, what kind of music do you like?

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@Mai Davika and @TheVillageIdiot If you want an amazingly beautiful instrumental ringtone, I would suggest "Interlude" or "Introduction to the Feast" by Sam Baker from the album Say Grace:


Or, also by Sam Baker, the amazingly beautiful Instrumental "Prelude" on the album Pretty World:


Or, also by Sam Baker, the hauntingly beautiful instrumental "Slivered Moon" off of his latest album Land of Doubt (there's no link to listen to it on his website, but it's an amazingly beautiful song)

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Currently using Halo 2 theme. cause why not?

Text tone is Mr. Popo from Dragonball z Abridged.


If anyone has android (you can use this for apple but its significantly worse..not worth it in my honest opinion) There is an app called Zedge. It is free, and has thousands of thousands of ringtones, alerts, ect. You can save the tone to your phone, or simply "apply" the tone as whatever you want (ringtone, notification) and the phone will use the app for the file. 

I use exclusively, it is amazing. Also has more background pictures than you can think of.

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I've been changing my ringtone only a few times during the past years. For a long time (my Supernatural era) it was "Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas, then, five years ago, I changed it to "Negro y azul" from Breaking Bad, and sometime since fall 2016, when I feel head over heels into Star Trek, I switched to the Opening Theme of Star Trek: The Voyage Home.

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20 hours ago, Spren of Kindness said:

I don't actually know, because I've never taken my phone off vibrate.  My alarm tone is called Constellation, or something like that.

Ooh, I like that one! (Assuming you're on an iPhone?) It was my ringtone for a while before I switched to the Piano Guys' cover of A Sky Full of Stars.

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