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Information from the midnight signing! (SPOILERS)


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Okay, here is some information I got from the signing.


Q: Can Shardblades kill spren?

A: theoretically, yes


There were several things inspired this next question. One of which was a line in WoK.

This is Wit speaking to Dalinar. “I’ll come back if I’m not killed. Probably will anyway


Q: If Hoid got beheaded, would his body grow a new head?

A: yes


Q: what if Hoid got cut by a shard blade?

A: The Shardblade cuts the soul and what Hoid does heals the soul


Q: Does Dalinar have Surgebinding abilities?


(Duh, I should’ve  known that was coming.) :)

I'm pretty sure he is the bondsmith mentioned on the back of the book.


Q: Belief has had a lot to do with the Cosmere. (for example in Warbreaker. The appearances of the Returned had a lot to do with belief) Will Belief have a big part to play in The Stormlight archive?   

A: It already has. The two scholars measuring the spren. 




Oh, and someone needs to teach Brandon how to throw cards. He tried with the RAFO cards. :D



By the way, Brandon also read a hilarious chapter during which Shallan steals Kaladins Boots. firstrainbowrose, How long have you known about, I Am Offend! I don't think your profile picture is a coincidence. :D



Any new theories or speculation?

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kind of a weird train of thought but can Feruchemical aluminum heal a limb severed but a shardblade? don't be afraid to put this down hard if you think it is a stupid question. I'm typing this out and think it is stupid. kind of grasping at straws on how he could heal a wound from a shardblade without using stormlight.

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You can just use Feruchemical gold if you're already on Scadrial. Or AonDor or Resealing or the like. I'd hazard that anything with more oompth than Allomantic pewter would get the job done.

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Yes. This WoB is actually why we know for sure that Shardblades cause Spiritual wounds.




Does a limb that has been "severed" by a Shardblade have any Hemalurgic bindpoints? If the same limb was then cut off more conventionally, would a Bloodmaker ferring be able to grow it back?



A severed Shardblade limb needs repair to the soul before it would function again. A Bloodmaker would be able to heal it without needing to grow it back.

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You asked those Hoid questions? That's very savvy, if you haven't read unpublished things. Very surprised he revealed that.


I was actually wondering if the unpublished work in mind was still completely relevant. apparently it is 

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