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  1. Weren't there a few months of drunken debauchery after he remembered and got the thrill and got depressed? He got a lot of time to fix himself. Cultivation knows just when to make things grow to beat Odium.
  2. It's another of Cultivation's plays, just like Dalinar. She returned his memories just in time so that Dalinar could resist Odium and crush his army, turning Odium's sword against him. She gave Lift incredible powers of stealth and deception to fool Odium. She made a diagram for Tara so that she could sway Odium from the inside. Never gamble against a fortune teller's cards. Odium is making a big mistake. He should be seeking to take Cultivation's cards off the deck, not overpower them and sway them to his side.
  3. And people have defended Elhokar as well. These are subjective views of generally non super evil or super good acts. Spren aren't morality spren.
  4. If the argument is that becoming a knight's radiant is a redemption arc, then the fact that lots of knights radiants still do bad things after becoming radiant is worth considering. They're bound to a magical thing with an arbitrary morality. Binding to a random spirit and following its whims doesn't make you a good person.
  5. I think it's worth considering what makes a radiant. You need a broken, damaged soul, one full of cracks for spren to go into. You need to have been a bad person in certain ways often, or to have been horribly abused. You need to be mentally ill and disturbed, often. This means that a lot of seemingly bad people will become knight radiants. Dalinar say, who burnt to death his own wife and an entire city, and brutally slaughtered his way through countless people. Kaladin, who abandoned his friends to let the forces of evil slaughter them unopposed because he didn't want to offend his friends. Shallan, who slaughtered her family and who stabbed an innocent man for information after stealing his chair, who lies to and deceived all around her. These are books about the shard of honor, not the shard of being a nice person.
  6. There are a lot of parallels with Mistborn. Wouldn't surprise me if there were more now.
  7. Any shard can emulate any power another shard uses. Odium has glanced over Scadrial, he could have made a nicrosil copy or variant.
  8. You don't feel an urge to ritually murder your culture's current entirely unrelated gods and their representatives out of your deep sense of responsibility? Just to be safe. This sort of insane sounding reasoning that they had is why this recreance sounds so odd. In modern day terms it would be something like "4000 years ago my ancestors sacrificed a human. I feel guilty, so I'm going to kill a religious person so I don't sacrifice any humans." It's not really a chain of reasoning that has likely occurred to anyone ever.
  9. I guess part of the issue is that the problem they faced, that their civilization is a dangerous one with a history of doing dark deeds, that sometime thousands of years ago incorrect and perhaps evil gods were worshiped by their ancestors is an issue that faces almost everyone today, and almost every soldier alive. It just doesn't ring right that they'd react so strongly. We know, say, that a lot of our countries have nuclear weapons. That doesn't make most of us want to murder every physicist in case they do something vaguely related to nuclear weapons. We know that bad things were done by some of our ancestors at some point, we mostly don't care. Why do they care so much about people thousands of years ago? Why do they think that it's a good idea to kill their best friends because of an unrelated magic system?
  10. Wasn't it centuries? Anyway, d you have any reason to believe they stopped talking to them? Even today, the Heralds are still talking to people.
  11. The Heralds were talking to people and lying to them.
  12. They likely had more issues than simply being colonizers. Honor was starting to go insane, perhaps because he was being destroyed by Odium, they were getting odd messages, the Heralds were insane and had dumb ideas of what to do, generally they had a lot of poor messages from their leadership. Just imagine the chaos it would cause on earth if at every religious building divine beings started ranting about how the churches would destroy the earth and prophets returned from the dead to to say this was a good idea. They don't know that Honor or the Heralds are insane either. They assumed these were accurate prophesies and accurate views, not the ramblings of a person whose mind is being cracked and broken.
  13. https://brandonsanderson.com/annotation-mistborn-3-chapter-eighty-one-part-4/ It takes millennia for them to truly be overridden by shardic intent, and he's not touching much power. He's not in too much danger. There will certainly be some emotional impact of course, as with anyone who starts to become a savant level power toucher.
  14. https://coppermind.net/wiki/God_Beyond Sorta, but mostly, whatever the true god is, the one that Dalinar mentions and which Brandon has mentioned a few times. Brandon has noted that the God Beyond is the god that dwells in the afterlife, the beyond. The true monotheistic Abrahamic god expy.
  15. Three possibilities. 1. He's referring to another shardic ally, likely autonomy. We killed Honor, now Dalinar is manifesting the powers of a sliver like Vin and drawing in extra stormlight which should be impossible because he doesn't know much about reforging shards. 2. This moment reminded him of when they slew Adonalsium, and Dalinar is merging Odium Honor and Cultivation magic to act like a proto form of Adonalsium. 3. Evi was killed utterly (soul wrecked, personally targeted by Odium) enough that her cognitive shadow shouldn't have been able to manifest, but the god beyond, the true creator of the universe resurrected her briefly because he liked Dalinar enough to help him win. Hard to say which is more true without some word of Brandon.
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