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  1. Much as I agree with the sentiment, Alzabar created this as a shipping thread by shipping in the OP and seems interested in discussing shipping, so there's that. Should there be rules about where to do shipping? There is a line that caught my eye: I don't really accept the assumptions underlying the question. I don't really understand Jasnah or why we haven't seen any romantic engagement. I love her for kicking butt and naming names and I look forward eagerly to understanding her better. I don't know that loftiness is the reason for her lack of romance. Someone suggested trauma, which seems possible, but I'll be happy if she turns out to be asexual.
  2. This sort of overlaps the OP points, but I think there are other factors that strengthen them: Truthwatchers probably have some inherent trap-evasive properties by observing/having insights about situations I think the fact that it is Odium's investiture that corrupted Glys seems like it could be confusing to Odium Sja-Anat's corruption seems unpredictable Sja-Anat seems to be drifting in intent which could be even harder to predict.
  3. Interesting topic! Nice work with the quotes, Ookla. My main issue with the theory that the moons are associated with the bondsmiths is that I find more associations with the Shards. Since I consider the bondsmiths to be primarily associated with Honor and secondarily connected to Cultivation, then I run into the same issues as the OP with an Odious bondsmith. The coloring of the moons is almost too obvious. Nomon seems associated with Honor by color and "propriety" in the story. Green goes with Cultivation and purple seems like the voidlight even if Odium's main color seems to be gold. The moons being artificially placed fits with the coloring as having a Shard related purpose. Why do effectively disembodied beings need astral objects? The linked thread seems interesting and more reasonable than the "gods" needing bases. An adventure with Kaladin flying to Nomon to visit Honor's secret base might be fun, but doesn't seem reasonable, given how the Shards work. I am intrigued by the story. Natanatan coloring relating to Nomon and, by implication, Honor makes me wonder about there being a germ of truth to it. This in turn, makes me curious about why the Natanatans were changed. The fate of Stormseat seems to fit how bad things happen to those associated with Honor. But this seems like the subject of another thread, so I'll stop now.
  4. IIRC, they were trying to make use of Renarin at one point. Are they more than a group of Stormwardens at this point? Still, an organized, literate and ambitious group could be dangerous under informed direction. Are they open to being used at this point? It seems like they could be recruited. And what of Restares? Who are they? What are their goals?
  5. We haven't had the"What I did on my summer vacation" report from Jasnah yet. She could have been to Braize, Ashyn or really anywhere already. Obviously, Ash and Taln have been to Braize and they stood up with Dalinar at the "ascension." Fundamentally, I agree, though. I can't wait to see our new crop of Radiants world-hop on-screen!
  6. @Animar - Szeth has had a highspren all along? I totally missed that. It makes sense for how he became truthless, maybe. So many implications! I totally agree that communications need to occur. I doubt that they will mostly happen on-screen due to pacing concerns. Another factor that led to his acceptance was Dalinar expecting the presence of one of each of the orders. I'm not sure why he expected it, but it made Szeth fit the pattern. It also suggests to me some coherence of the Shard. Szeth knowing about the hospital murders and why they are committed could be interesting, as pointed out above. So many juicy ways to work these loose plot threads!
  7. Moash has handed his feelings over to Odium and been given a new name. I would guess that he is on a dark path. Irrationally, because Kaladin liked him, I want him to twist free of Odium. I don't see how killing Roshone serves Odium significantly. Pursuing revenge might actually be rebellious. Odium could actually object to Moash free-lancing for his previous identity. Realizing the emptiness of revenge and resenting Odium's control seems like his only hope. Not bloody likely, though.
  8. So wait! Our heroes need lots of Knights Radiant? Taravangian has means of reducing the spren available to bond potential Knights? Luckily Mr. T is a trustworthy ally, not a traitor making private arrangements with Odium. Otherwise I might be worried. I'm sure it's just a random bit of world-building and not a detail that will turn out to be relevant later. Are these spren that allow manipulation of Gravity, Adhesion, Tension? I imagine the realmatic scholars among us can figure out what orders' spren is involved. I look forward to learning from the responses.
  9. Our big mystery man! To me the most relevant mystery is revealed by: I infer that Kaladin doesn't know how to wield the bow even with his surges. I conclude that he had to develop some non-Windrunner radiant skills to use the bow. Hence, he is already a non-Windrunner Radiant. Further, his order must allow him to use a Shardbow. My favorite theory is that he is a Stoneward. I imagine that he was able to manipulate Tension somehow to use the bow. Maybe temporarily make the bow easier to pull then, as he releases, restore the tension of the Shardbow? Seems sketchy to master on the first shot. I think pulling the bow is the relevant mystery. I feel less certain that he is a Stoneward or that Tension was used, but he does seem quite stubborn ... I also think that his notable glowing could be associated with a level-up.
  10. I think there's plenty of evidence in tWoK. In chapter 15 it says: Each of the parables could represent an Ideal. The fact that there are forty is kind of a giveaway. If it was just relevant to the first ideal when the Orders were forming, it would not have had the reputation Dalinar associates with it, as stated above. Consider also how Dalinar uses it. He actively considers the lessons even as a second or third level Knight. I think we know that Ishi set up the constraints and ideals, so they didn't develop over time and would have been known when the Knights formed. If people knew contextually that it was about the Knights, it would not have needed to say so, much like the Words only come when the Knight is ready.
  11. I agree that he was there before the Orders, but I think the orders were established during his lifetime. Otherwise he could not have walked to Urithiru or written the manual for Knighthood and the ideals. The forty parables of the in-book tWoK correspond to the number of ideals for ten orders (leaving out the shared one). A Bondsmith would arguably have had the best insight into the ideals, so I see it as a possible order for him. Was he a Surgebinder before the vision? His referring to Surgebinders as them rather than us hints at no, but doesn't seem definitive to me. Ishi must have established the Knights right after the vision. I'm pretty sure Nohadon became a Knight, given the concerns he expressed and his writing of the Knights' manual.
  12. We know from Jasnah that the Knights abandoned Urithiru some time before the Recreance. Perhaps, after the Sibling withdrew, it wasn't worthwhile. There is an epigraph complaining about the tolls. Maybe they couldn't grow stuff after the Sibling left, but tried to charge enough to make up for it.
  13. Yeah! I'm super-curious myself. Throwing out some semi-random ideas: Gloryspren seem to be the minor spren for Bondsmiths, like windspren are the minor spren for Windrunners and creationspren seem to be the minor spren for Lightweavers. So the Sibling could be related. If we think of the Surgebinding chart as having the more Honor-like spren on top and more Cultivationy spren on the bottom, then the Bondsmiths are most Honory in a way. Glory and Honor seem pretty similar. The value of this idea is that a superspren based on glory could be hurt when the reputation of the Knights goes bad. The problem with this idea is that these superspren seem different. The Nightwatcher seems very different from a gloryspren or the Stormfather. The Stormfather is kind of more of the mother of all windspren that a gloryspren and seems to hang out with the Honorspren. Shallan can't draw Urithiru, similarly to how she can't draw Pattern. Could the Sibling have built Urithiru and be related to a Cryptic? The OP proposes stone above, which makes sense. Maybe related to whatever spren the Stonewards bond? Who am I kidding? After this much buildup, Brandon will come up with something better. But maybe this will help someone think of something cool.
  14. Love the theory and the beautifully researched OP. Upvoted! I don't think it's essential to the main point of the theory, but I don't really get the timeline for Nohadon binding the Sibling from the other side. If we assume that the Sibling is a superspren associated with Urithiru, the state of Surgebinding in the Nohadon vision seems hard to reconcile. I believe that Nohadon was a surgebinder wrestling with the issues of the ideals that ended up distinguishing the Knights from Surgebinders at the time of the vision. Later during his lifetime, Ishi constrained the spren and Surgebinders into the form of the ten knightly orders. Even later during his lifetime, Urithiru was built (by the hands of no man, or something like that) and Nohadon subsequently walked there. If the Sibling was a cognitive target associated with the Knights or created by H+C after the Knights were established, then that would have been after Nohadon had begun Surgebinding. Nohadon was wearing the double eye of the almighty during the vision and clearly became a Knight. How the Sibling became established as a spren is key. If the Sibling didn't exist when Nohadon began Surgebinding, then Nohadon would have started Surgebinding with a different spren. This is not a hard argument, particularly as I don't understand the origins of the Sibling. For example, perhaps the Sibling started as a personification of Surgebinding or was created by H+C before Nohadon began Surgebinding. In this case, please ignore this post and return to your regularly scheduled speculation .
  15. Yes. it's called speculation because there isn't evidence. But consider the Stormfather. Adonalsium visits Roshar, leaving highstorms, listeners and maybe humans, Herdazians, Horneaters and Aimians. Cognitive beings personify the highstorms. Either an existing spren (perhaps a windspren) or a new spren takes on the cognitive load and becomes the Stormfather. With increased investiture, the Stormfather develops sentience and perhaps sapience. Before Tanavast passes on, he invests the Stormfather and charges him with accepting words and playing the visions. If he wasn't sapient before, he becomes sapient then. This is basically compatible with my speculation. There are only 2 superspren that we know about and we don't really know their history. That is the definition of extremely rare. We can speculate or wait for Brandon to tell us. What is the point of deciding how likely speculation is? I was speculating to encourage more speculation. Given the way Shallan describes Urithiru as undrawable, maybe the Sibling is related to a Cryptic. There you go! See, speculation is fun and interesting. Welcome to the party!
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