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Hi (from Ai)


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3 hours ago, MasterJack said:

Welcome Ailvara, have an upvote! (Just a little warning, don't accept any cookies around here, they tend to be the main form of Investiture around here, and you don't want to be Invested around here, trust me!)

What... the cookies are great *crumbs falling from mouth* they're the best thing ever. Just don't pay attention to the sharp parts.

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17 minutes ago, Crimson Not Blood said:

Oh so they're investiture 

But why do we not want to be invested?

I don't know, personally i'm all for being invested. Who cares if the cookies may or may not be spiked. I was warned about them when I first joined too, but i guess it didn't work. All I know is that they are delicious. 

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