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San Diego WoR Signing


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Thanks for the welcome!


yeah I was aware of the Ultimate questions thread, just was hoping there was something more focused on the signings.  Oh well, guess I'll just have to hope I don't pick too many that others do.


On the one hand I love that he's coming to me on day one, but on the other that means I won't know any WoR questions, lol.

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If you're looking for WoR questions, I may have a few. :P

  • Can you bond with more than one Honorblade?
  • Would a Parshman who received a Breath (or one thousand Breaths, like Nightblood) become a Parshendi?
  • Is the woman bordering the chart at the back of TWoK intended to represent Cultivation?
  • Would a Hemalurgic spike steal one or two Surges? Or would it steal the spren bond?
  • How would Hemalurgic decay affect a Shardblade stolen with Hemalurgy?
  • Does Shardplate regrow by Soulcasting air to metal, or does it covert Stormlight directly into invested metal?
  • Is Stormlight the gaseous form of Investiture on Roshar?
  • Is Szeth's black sphere permanently infused with whatever -Light is in it (will it run out, in other words)? If it isn't, is there an opposite to highstorms that infuses it (perhaps every night)?

Welcome to the forums. Nice job delurking. I hope more people do that.

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I am dubious about the voidlight question.  We don't have any kind of confirmation that voidlight exists.


I have edited to be -Light. Brandon seemed to know what the person was talking about in a previous WoB when they talked about Voidlight/voidsphere or whatever.

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@Satsuoni, where is this answer coming from? Because if it's from the book itself (which I am about halfway done with, so I can't tell), you really should specify that it's a Words of Radiance spoiler. 

That is the only kind of spoiler <_<  That is, one of the few things that I would put into spoiler tags. Still, maybe I should have been more explicit.

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WOR spoiler:

That's not a spren. I'm pretty sure the Unmade are not spren (in the general way of speaking). They could specifically be defined as spren, but it's rather misleading when you simply say 'Yes'.

True enough. It is something that is responsible for the Thrill and referred to as ancient spren once. "Yes" was a hint :ph34r:

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