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[OB] Oathbringer 4-6


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Again? I'll get you next time, Flash... :D

My first thoughts: 

Chapter 4

Oooh! Jasnah is writing it! Or actually... Maybe it's Dalinar.

I wonder if the Stormfather is unpredictable because that's how people perceived Highstorms for millenia? Maybe he'll become a little less mercurial as knowledge of the mathematics behind Highstorms is widely disseminated?

Ooo! That scandal! Navani touching Dalinar with her safehand exposed! It feels so weird that I'm actually blushing while reading that.

Chanada? Really? Besides that horribly un-subtle name... What a cad!

I like getting details of Eva, but I'm terribly impressed that Navani quickly grasped the implications of Dalinar's condition. I would have immediately started explaining all the important moments Dalinar had mentioned, as if I could fill in the blanks that had emptied themselves dozens of times. Oh and, lol the alcohol.

Of all the things on Roshar: Stormlight, and fabrials, and Gods and Surges, I find a 'pure, single unbroken pane of glass' the hardest to believe haha. Probably because the window washer in me is shuddering in horror. Maybe Adhesion could help keep it clean. A giant, adhesion fabrial that filled with each Highstorm and automatically sloughed off everything on the glass periodically.

Oh Navani, you had to wear red and gold for a wedding dress...

3 formatting errors that I've caught so far in Chapter 4... Hopefully it's just the Tor transcript.

Elhokar, that was incredibly mature! I didn't expect that from you!

HAHAHA! "SO BE IT." Full stop, mic drop. Peace.


Chapter 5

WOOOHOO!! Kaladin! Aw, I've read this one.

*Giggles* Kaladin has Stormlight-drag. Gravitation-drag?

Like a baby born with no face? That's an almost David-esque metaphor :D, and more than a little creepy.

Oh right, Kaladin has SAD. Forgot about that until now.


Chapter 6

Yes! More Kaladin! Glad 6 didn't drop his story right away.

*sharp intake of breath* GAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! I SO HAPPPYYYYY!!! Lirin!

Wait! Shut up Lirin! What did you want to say Hesina? What else do we, I mean, does Kaladin need to know?

"another voice. Pure, with a song like tapped crystal, distant yet demanding..." I think Tien may have been a proto-radiant. Just a hunch.

Hee hee, the perfect punch. I'm thinking Syl is going to have to appear in the next Kaladin chapter.

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 I don’t remember what she and I said when we first met; I can’t even remember seeing her at the feast that night when she first arrived.

Gavilar's feast, maybe? Navani asks if he can't remember because of the wine. Interesting tidbit on where Dalinar met his wife!



Edit: damnation but that was a good fourth chapter! I didn't expect that to happen.

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more feels
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And Oathbringer is most likely written by Jasnah! 

Wow, Kaladin really is negative, isn't he? Already assuming everyone is dead. And yet his parents are doing what they do best, caring for the injured. 

Man, I was looking forward to see everyone's expression when the realized he has a Shardblade, but his eyes have gone back to being brown. I wonder, does the new  eye color ever become permanent? 

It also makes me think that if Jasnah was the author, than Dalinar is most likely the Oathbringer. 

Back to a reread! 

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I haven't finished reading chapter four yet, and already I'm gibbering over this:


"There are no foolish oaths. All are the mark of men and true spren over beasts and subspren. The mark of intelligence, free will, and choice."


Confirmation that different kinds of spren may have different levels of sapience in the Cognitive realm as opposed to just the Physical!


I am also getting the distinct feeling that the Rosharan tome titled Oathbringer was written by Jasnah, or one of the other contemporary Kholins...

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Just now, Advanthera said:

I was feeling what everyone else said about the first few chapters feeling off - but these one pulled me right back in. They felt like Stomrlight Archive again <3 Such great reads.

That punch made me laugh so hard. Exactly what I wanted from kaladin. 

I'm interested in seeing what this vorinic backlash will entail...

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16 minutes ago, Flash said:

That punch made me laugh so hard. Exactly what I wanted from kaladin. 

I'm interested in seeing what this vorinic backlash will entail...

Hopefully a lot of spluttering as the world falls down around them. We're already seeing a great deal of dissatisfaction with the Ardentia. Dalinar getting branded a Heretic would be hilarious. (I figure by the end he'll have a rep on par with the Heralds.) 

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Syl's 'aunt' HAS to be Cultivation/the Nightwatcher, right?

I know she refers to her aunt as an honorspren, but her memory is not exact.


Also,  "Besides, there was… another voice. Pure, with a song like tapped crystal, distant yet demanding…"

Was that Cultivation (probably with the help of futuresight) calling Syl to Kaladin?

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36 minutes ago, Prince of Ravens said:

Thanks! I was just thinking if new chapters have been posted yet!

prologue at 12:01am

chapters 1-3 at 9am

chapters 4-6 at 9am


im impressed. this serialization is being handed very professionally! i was counting down the minutes until 9am EST =)

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I'm thinking the author may be Renarin, because of this bit:


I thought that I was surely dead. Certainly, some who saw further than I did thought I had fallen.

That sounds an aweful lot like seeing into the future (and a group no less!). He's the only one we know of now that has any semplence of future sight, who would also be writing a book called Oathbringer

Also, these chapters were just all kinds of awesome. I'm a little surprised Kaladin found his parents so quickly, but I'm glad he did. Some may argue that Brandon should have built up more suspense first, but the suspense has been building for 2 books, no need for there to be more. 

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So, kids, what we thinking?

The Dalinar-Navani marriage was a bit sudden, and I expected something awful to happen (one of them gets pushed off the building, there's secretly an assassin in the midst of them, Dalinar to have to fight the Stormfather to get the marriage) but no, it was mainly uneventful. 

I'm very interested in this book from the beginning, unlike WoR, which is a good sign. Everything so far has been very good. 

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Man, after waiting all that time for a resolution to the Chapter 5, Chapter 6 isn't any better. When we first heard Kaladin's chapter, I had wondered why it didn't seem like they had fought Voidbringers. Kaladin hangs a lampshade on it, but we don't get an answer as to whether or not the parshmen population will adopt the same forms as the Parshendi, if they're on the war path. And Kaladin has both his hands firmly on the Idiot Ball right now. "I will protect those I hate, so long as it is just." As far as he knows, there are Voidbringers ready to destroy his hometown. And he goes and punches the man in charge of the city. He's putting his personal vendettas ahead of his oaths again, exactly what he supposedly overcame in WoR.

A couple of interesting things from the chapters:

  • There are two ways to take the opening epigraph. The first is that Jasnah is the author, since she has been referred to as a godless heretic. But Dalinar's interactions with his ardent after the wedding put a different spin on it. It could mean that Dalinar is the author, that the very fact he wrote it is an indication he has heretically learned to write. I think the latter fits more thematically with what we saw Dalinar do in this chapter. Although the second epigraph does seem to fit more with Jasnah.
  • Dalinar could see visions while looking down at the Everstorm. I wonder what the mechanism is for that?
  • I'm a little surprised that the Stormfather's visit for the wedding didn't recharge gemstones.
  • Dalinar believes that the vision he received at the end of WoR (light and warmth) is from a god above the Almighty. Our understanding leaves no tangible deity above the Shards. So, he's incorrect. Right?
  • Kadash references something that Dalinar forgot, a mistake he made. I don't think it's a coincidence it came up in the same chapter we're reminded he has forgotten everything about his first wife. Was Dalinar responsible for Evi's death?
  • Kaladin's first chapter seems to reference Voidlight. ("The Everstorm hadn't recharged his spheres, of course. Neither with Stormlight nor some other energy, which he'd feared might happen.) I don't remember that from the first reading; was it added in revision?
  • I'm not sure who the lighteyed captain is that Kaladin thinks he recognizes. Unless it's just the same captain of the guard from when Kaladin used to live there? The phrasing is a bit odd, unless maybe he was one of Amaram's old soldiers.
  • Syl is clear: she remembers Kaladin's family, even though she hadn't been with Kaladin in Hearthstone. I think the other voice she mentions is Tien. But that begs the question, where did Kaladin's spear skills come from? He felt something the moment he picked up a spear, but something he thought he lost in WoR when he was breaking his bond with Syl. He thought all of his spear skills came from the bond. But he was drawn to the spear before the bond.
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If I had to pick someone right now as the author of the Oathbringer pieces, it would be Navani.

Mentioning Shadesmar so soon seems like too obvious a hint for Jasnah, so it's probably a head fake.

Navani is described as writing her memoirs early in Chapter 4, and may not be on the godless heretic level of Jasnah, but she is SURELY getting there, at least in the views of others.  Plus with Navani's connection to all the Radiants popping up, her seeing into or visiting Shadesmar (even without being a Radiant herself) is well within the realm of possibility.

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2 minutes ago, Jaconis said:

I'm thinking the author may be Renarin, because of this bit:

That sounds an aweful lot like seeing into the future (and a group no less!). He's the only one we know of now that has any semplence of future sight, who would also be writing a book called Oathbringer

Someone on the Reddit thread also pointed out that last week the there was a line about how the book shouldn't exist, which lends credence to the author being male.  I really like the Renarin idea!

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