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  1. It’s so bad. I couldn’t keep watching. At least watching the wot sub melt down when people say it’s bad is funny.
  2. I enjoyed like the first 15% of atlas shrugged, but I gave up after like 40%. As far as what Im reading Ive started reading web serials including practical guide to evil and the wandering inn.
  3. So is the new godmetal called taravangium or taravangianium Of course Kelsier would pick a dramatic name like Thaidakar I think the Hoid and Design banter was my favorite part of the book. Its nice to see him taking a more involved role in things.
  4. Lirin is a coward because he cannot make a hard choice. He chose a single option for every situation and might as well be a robot.
  5. I hate Lirin. Someone should stab him already. He makes Kal so much worse. He is clearly a servant of odium
  6. Invention! I guess we got all the shards at this point. Thanks Sazed
  7. you guys should start reading web serials if you like the weekly releases so much
  8. I think the signature requirements got changed. I used to have a 7 line signature, but it was also from 2013.
  9. Seems like Kal is experiencing withdrawal symptoms similar to Spook as a Tin Savant. He has been getting supercharged with stormlight constantly since Oathbringer, that can't be healthy. Also did Brandon ever answer swallowing infused gems like in Mistborn?
  10. Im also glad that this wasnt the final version. It was so much darker than any of the other books, and Brandon's writing has improved so much since then. The inevitable Merin showing up in the nick of time to save the day hurt the story. Taln's whole arc was very disappointing to me. Brandon's talked a bunch in his writing lectures about payoff and it just didnt seem like there was much of one for the character. What do you guys think was going to happen to Taln's body after another day? Regardless if this continued as a story, I think that Taln would be back. Even if Ishar broke the Oathpact Taln was still part of it. Did anyone spot Hoid? I thought it was the dude who turned out to be Ishar
  11. Anyone know why there is such a difference in the art between the first 5 chapters and chapter 6?
  12. The way I understood it, the first settlers were fleeing from their previous planet and they ended up in Shinovar. The next were Odium's army who were the first void bringers. Is there anything that explicitly says all the Heralds were human? I feel like that should have been enough argument that the humans weren't as bad as they seem to be painted. The real problem here seems to be that the Shards cause rampant destruction where ever the go. The Recreance could be more of a rejection of Honor. Either way Nin is a lunatic, nothing good ever comes of consourting with Shards. Hoid seems more correct in his decision to not claim one with every book that gets released.
  13. I thought that the punishments were too severe if anything. The Aetheli rule has always been that Shardbearers are above the law for better or for worse. Dalinar tells Kaladin the same thing in regards to Amaram. Dalinar is disappointed in him, I'm sure that's punishment enough considering how much he looks up to his father.
  14. They found a massive horde of gemstones beneath Urithiru, and they still control territory at the Shattered plains. Also their allies are interested in keeping them solvent.
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