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Hello fellow Brandon Sanderson fans!!

Bean Delphiki

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I have just recently finished every published Cosmere story (except for White Sand :() and have decided to make an account.

I look forward to interacting with this awesome community and  learning everything there is to know about the cosmere.


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Welcome to the Shard! Don't accept any food offered to you, especially cookies, or anything by the Dark Alley. But anything from someone with 'Surgefinder' or 'Knight of the Cosmere' should be OK. That being said, have a slice of Chouta! Also, if you are wondering what the Surgefinders are, they are a group of people, or, well, here's a link to the Surgefinder's official fourm if you want to know about it. And we are desperately needing members! As for the Knights of the Cosmere, that is something I can't say anything about. So, welcome to world of bookworms!

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hello everyoneeee!!! so excited to have more fans who admire brandons work. i love the mistborn trilogy and want to write a undergrad thesis on it this year of about 12000-15000 words. could you guys suggest the focus of my thesis since we are all nerds here hehehhe. i was thinking of relating it to political philosophy but not sure what exactly my argument or line of focus is falling. any help would be appreciated 

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