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Does it ever seem like...


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You get on the Shard and its dead. And you wait a bit and refresh, still dead... 

Then you have to go and do something, like I did earlier when I had storytime with my son, and then put him to bed. You come back about half an hour later and there's new posts everywhere! So you make your responses and then.... 



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2 minutes ago, Extesian said:

Time on this site is like space in the Cognitive Realm.

I think it's inverted. It compresses where activity is densest and expands exponentially in the absence of thought. 

Edit: and 600 posts? When did that happen? 

Edited by Calderis
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You know what that means? Time to make new topics at those times! ;)

In seriousness I feel that too, especially being in Japan and being off-sync from America.

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12 minutes ago, Darkness Ascendant said:

mm and australians

Australians will go to bed soon, and I'll be here for the next 10 hours :P But still, we need more Australians too! Bring the kangaroos, wombats and drop bears!

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4 minutes ago, The Flash said:

I sit watching the shard instead of doing anything useful and curse that no one else is wasting ALL their time away

And yet I'm also here instead of cramming for the test.

I literally don't have the luxury to fail and I've got six hours left before I'd usually wake up.

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